7 Best Baju Gamis for Women

Minti Sah

Baju Gamis

Indonesian women are very familiar with gamis dress and try it for their occasions.This baju gamis dress is very popular but recently it has gained popularity in Indonesia and it is used by Muslim women in Indonesia. It is very popular and fashionable dress.

You can try it on different occasions as well as you can use it regularly as it is comfortable. Just select your favorite colors and try.Even if it is made of silk or shirting fabric, it will not feel hot but will help keep you cool.

If these dresses are popular, some of the models are old and women are reluctant to wear them. Today we will discuss some new models of gummies, hope you will like them.

These days these dresses are made in different styles and patterns and the colors are very flashy and also made in soft colors.These designs are contemporary and trendy that all women will love.

Baju Gamis for Girls:

Here are the 7 best baju gamis for women. So let’s start with us.

1. Baju Gamis

Baju Gamis

On your holiday, if you don’t wear such an outfit then your holiday will be happily barbaric.Usually on any special or eid day you can wear white color dress it will help you look fresh and beautiful.Abaya kaftan models are very fashionable and trending now however, if you want to look more fashionable and attractive then you can try it on your special day.

This is a beautiful beautiful abaya with kaptan design on waist and sleeves make you stylish and perfect for special day. Of course you wear it with your favorite hijab or you can wear it with the hijab shown in the picture.You can use it as an abaya or as a dress. With this you can wear white shoes or golden color shoes in your favorite color. It is very comfortable and looks shiny .You can try this on your special day or Eid day when all the family go somewhere.

2. Wolfis Fabric Dress

Baju Gamis

Gamis dresses are available in different models and designs but it is different and stylish. If you don’t want to miss this type of dress then you can keep it in your collection. Because it’s the latest design that looks like a dress Gummies are designed.

Made of Etting Wolfis fabric that won’t satin if you wear it all day and is very comfortable to wear.Pleated accents on the chest of this abaya and pleated fabric at the bottom of this kameez will help you look elegant for an Eid function or party.

Those who prefer to wear light colored dresses can select it for their occasion. It is light in color and not too flashy which is comfortable on the eyes and looks good.You can take it in the collection for any special occasion. It is especially perfect for Eid and will help you look beautiful throughout the day.

3. modern Gamis Dress

Baju Gamis

This dress will help you to look beautiful and modern. If you want to use a modern Gamis dress model then this new design will be perfect for you. It is modern and trendy at the same time that you can have it in your collection.The checkered top is a straightforward design of beautiful layers that combine beautifully and are comfortable to wear.

The checkered pattern also looks nice and helps the bottom layer look nice. If you like this color dress then this is for you. It has a unique gradient because it is made of thin and thick woolfis material.

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4. Beautiful Black Dress

Beautiful Black Dress

Gamis dresses are available in different types of fabrics but with the passage of time, gamis dresses are now made with different designs and fabrics.The right fabric is slippery making it look shiny which is perfect for special occasions.Also it gives you a luxurious look when you wear it which is very useful for occasions.

You can wear stylish hijab and shoes of your choice with your gamis dress .With this of course you will make a fashionable full makeup .All in all will help you look amazing with this dress. This is a great example of a latest modern gamis dress that you can try on any of your upcoming occasions but it is perfect for Eid.

5. Black Dress with White Hijab

Black Dress with White Hijab

Girls used to wear a full button front model of gummies. Gummis has a nice A-line cut that doesn’t look too baggy and has a slit accent at the front. It is made in sleeve balloon style with buttons on the wrist which is very cute and latest. It is a beautiful loose aesthetic dress, can add a beautiful waist belt. It will help you to look very slim and beautiful.

6. A-line Gami Dress

A-line Gami Dress

An A-line gami can be made more beautiful by layering it above and below the waist to make it more beautiful and attractive. Then the layer is tied in the waist to make it more attractive. Besides, the first layer of the gamis is decorated with a beautiful zipper up to the neck and waist of the dress. This dress has a beautiful one sleeve which is trending and very latest.

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7. Light Blue Dress

Light Blue Dress

Currently Crinkle air flow material is contemporary and complete dress in trend.The characteristic of the curled design is that it peels off easily like a bright orange peel. It does not wrinkle so you don’t need to be ironed.

If you are looking for an outfit for a walk or an everyday event then this will be a hit for you as you can try it both times.The hand and design of the gummies is very beautiful it is made with a nice ruffle design.You can use it with black shoes and hijab of your choice.

We hope you will like this 7 best baju gamis for women. Stay with us. Thank you

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