8 Best Baju Kebaya for Girls

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Baju Kebaya

A baju kebaya is another open-fronted garment worn over a dress, traditionally made of fine fabrics such as brocade, cotton, gauze, lace or voile, always embellished with embroidery. Its front is always secured with buttons, pins or brooches. The undergarment for this camera outfit is known as a sarong, kemban or kain, and is also worn with a stylish but lungi-like waist wrap made of various fabrics, usually made of batik, ikat, ganket or tenun. Today we will discuss some baju kebaya. Hope you like it.

1. Where is baju kebaya from?

It first originated in East Java, now part of modern Indonesia. The earliest kebaya is believed to have originated around the 15th century. This kebaya has been very popular since ancient times. It is made with various animal designs and floral designs which are loved by girls

2. Is kebaya Indonesian or Malaysian?

Many people read the question that Kebaya is Indonesian or Malaysian? Kebaya is the national dress of Indonesia and it is used by them for various occasions like weddings and graduations. . It is unique in terms of beauty and young and old women use it.

3. What culture is kebaya?

What culture is Kebaya? Although the nonya kebaya has Malay and Javanese origins, it has made its debut as a costume of the nonyas and has become part of the cultural identity of the Chinese Peranakan community. Making a Nonya Kebayar is also considered a unique Chinese Peranakan art form.

Baju Kebaya for Women:

Here are the 8 best baju kebaya for girls. So let’s start with us.

1. Short Kebaya for Girls

Baju Kebaya

Nowadays young women prefer short kebaya because it is narrow and follows the body shape and looks good. This beautiful kebaya is also known as pernakan kebaya or sulam kebaya and it is made of gauze embroidered with various designs of animals and plants that look beautiful. It looks more beautiful if you make this kebaya with batik fabric in different patterns.

One of the specialties of Kebaya Sulam shirt is that it is made by skilled craftsmen who have inherited the art of kebaya design from ancient times and most of them make it skillfully and beautifully. These kebayas are embroidered with skillful embroidery designs. Apart from embroidery, cameras are made in different patterns and be it simple or gorgeous. You can try with a beautiful heroines and with this hairstyle is very important so look at the hair. It is very stylish and perfect for any occasion.

2. Floral Print Dress

Baju Kebaya

You can try a beautiful flower print baju kebaya. When any floral print dress is made in blue color fabric it looks very nice and attractive .When paired with pink color skirt it is very latest and trend complete. Blue color always goes well with pink color and it looks beautiful .You can make beautiful braids with it.Indonesian girls and even malaysian girls like it to wear for various occasions.

3. Red Color Dress

Baju Kebaya

A red colored baju kebaya looks beautiful and looks amazing. This dress has a beautiful neckline and has full sleeves. With this you can wear a floral print skirt like the model shown in the picture. These dresses are very stylish and young girls like them very much. With this you can use your favorite long ear ring .Chocolate color shoes will be very nice with it .You can do contemporary makeover with it to make you look beautiful and stylish.

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4. Green Color Dress

Green Color Dress

This is a beautiful green color dress. Those who like to wear full sleeves dresses can try it. A beautiful printed skirt looks great with it and the combination is very nice. It is made with high neck which is completely in trend now and very stylish. With it you can wear stylish earrings in black color and silver color shoes will go well with it.

5. Beautiful Floral Print Dress

Baju Kebaya

You can try a floral print kebaya in a beautiful bright color.It looks just as bright as it looks attractive for the floral print.It is very stylishly made and it is on trend.The gray color skirt looks great with it and the combination is amazing. You can add it to your collection for any special occasion and try it out with stylish shoes and nude makeup. Can try with hand bag of your choice.

6. Black and Olive Color Dress

Black and Olive Color Dress

Black and olive color combination is always beautiful. It is made in olive print in a beautiful black color. Black colored skirt along with it helps to make it look great.It is very nice to wear in parties and gives you a modern look. Black color shoes and black color finger ring will look nice. You can style your hair in one side and wear white stone ear tops.

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7. Beautiful Black and Gray Colored Kebaya

Beautiful Black and Gray Colored Kebaya

You can try a beautiful black and gray colored kebaya.The kebaya is beautifully made with flowers and leaves. It has been made in beautiful designs towards the waist. It looks like a mermaid dress. You can try beautiful hijab with it and wear it in your favorite style. White stone square shape earrings will look good with this. Since loot color lipstick and eyeshadow look good with any color dress, you can try blue color lipstick and eyeshadow.

8. Stylish Dress for Girls

Beautiful Black and Gray Colored Kebaya

If you like golden color work dress in a stylish navy blue color then this dress is for you.It is very well designed.You can try it on any occasion or your family function. You can try a beautiful silk hijab with it. You can wear fashionable earrings such as green stones with small white stones on top. Go with stylish shoes and makeover.

Above are some of the latest and trends discussed baju kebaya. hope you like it. Stay with us. Thank you

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