Affordable Red Colour Mangalsutra Designs 2023

Design 7

Today we have some beautiful collection of such crystal mangalsutra, which is very much in the trend these days.This mangalsutra is most popular in the state of West Bengal, India.Red  and maroon colored crystals have been used on most of this mangalsutra, due to which its look very beautiful. You can also take this mangalsutra … Read more

Latest design Sakha in people choice

Latest design Sakha

Latest design Sakha is a very popular ornament worn in Bengal. It is made in Kolkata of Bengal and some provinces of Bangladesh, it is worn by Bengali women with great gusto. Sakha is designed by Kolkata Artisans. It is the Pride of Bengali culture. Beautiful work with perfect finishing. It can be wore in … Read more

7 Earring Designs with Price | Best Collection Of Earrings Designs

earrings for wedding indian

Gold long designer earring is an exotic earring and the prestige of every Indian woman. They have found their way in from traditional celebrations, weddings to fashion ramps and even in parties. India being the most vibrant in the traditional festival, it’s evident that gold jhumka earrings are a big necessity. It’s the most vital … Read more

7 Latest Gold Earrings Designs 2022 | Earrings Designs

5 Latest Gold Earrings Designs 2022 | Earrings Designs

India for long has been known as Golden Sparrow. Gold ornaments and specially latest gold earrings designs are a very emotional but very pure way to show your love and affection. A set of Gold Earrings can be a perfect gift for your loved one especially when you know the importance of gold for her.Your … Read more