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Mahfuj Rahman

Online MBA Degree

If you people have a dream to complete your Online MBA Degree from IIM and your CAT exam could not be cleared, then there is no point in taking tension, I am going to tell you a best Online MBA Degree option in this article. So that you can do MBA from IIM without CAT exam. How can you do without CAT exam? what will you have to do? which degree you can do?

I am going to tell you everything in detail, those students who are thinking of doing MBA then read this article completely, Even if you are thinking of doing any other degree, this article will be beneficial for you people, just read this article till end.

Type of MBA in India

All the points are going to be clear for you, if you are doing any degree from India, then you people Must read this article till the last, first of all, if we talk about what are the options of doing MBA in India.

How can you do MBA degree

then there are three options:

  • 1st option is there is regular MBA degree,
  • 2nd is distance MBA degree and
  • 3rd is online MBA degree,

now online MBA degree has been launched by IIM Raipur for you people, we will talk about the system in detail, so here first of all these three options There is a difference between these three options, you people have to know which MBA is beneficial for you,

What is Regular MBA Degree?

so first of all let’s talk about regular MBA’s degree, look at regular MBA’s degree means you have to go to physically in college. You will make friends there, it will be for two years, you will also get a placement from college , your networking will also be good, there are many physical benefits that you can get in a regular degree.

What is Distance MBA Degree?

Next is distance MBA in which you don’t have to go to the college physically , you just have to give exams and your degree will be sent at your home,

What is Online MBA Degree?

3rd option which is very much trending today which is online MBA since the time of corona virus came.Then online things have become very much trending and on the other hand online MBA has also become in trend and ever since UGC guideline has come in which it is mentioned that from now on regular degree and online MBA degree have equal value i.e. both have same value since then it is very much trending (online MBA) everyone is going towards it and here IIM Raipur also launched online MBA degree.

Online MBA Vs Offline MBA

If I tell you a basic difference between regular And in the IIM online degree, I will tell you, look, there are both pros and cons, Benefits are – you can do your other work together you just have do this degree online only. You don’t need to go anywhere + the fees you pay are very less, you can say 1/4th , where you will be paying a fee of Rs 20 lakhs, while you will be paying only Rs 2 lakhs online.

Although the fees of IIM is a bit high, in online too, but if you people do online degree from normal college, it is very cheap, this is the major difference, now if you have made a mind of doing MBA online.

About IIM Raipur Online MBA

Then there is a good news for you people, IIM Raipur has offered online MBA degree, which is coming to you, which has brought a lot of benefits, blended mode of learning is provided. Coming to this degree, your classes will be online, your classes will be completely online, your classes will be online, your exam will be online + you get two campus visits, you also get a chance to go IIM Raipur, i.e, you also get college visit . It takes around 10 days, in which you get the status of an IIM alumni , after doing this degree. All the participants are going to get the degree, which is a certified degree of IIM itself.

You people will get the press, you get the option of EMI, all these benefits are available to you in this degree,

About College Vidya

now the students are confused that brother, how can we check this degree online, whether it is a genuine degree or from another IIM If We want to do other degree how can we do that ? or we want to do online degree from any other university it in low fees?

Then I tell you a platform called collegevidya.com this one is Free portal which is 100th% free portal, no money is charged from you ,any student who wants to do any degree in India, whether it is MBA degree from IIM, MBA degree from LPU, degree from Chandigarh University or you want to do B.Tech degree or BCA degree, MCA ,M.tech online.

How to Find Online Degree Details?

All those children who are interested to do those degree online must check out this platform once, on this platform all the options are provided to you, you can compare 100th+ top universities in a single click free of cost according to the fee of the student, according to the rating, you guys will know the best online university, you guys will come to know which university is the best option for you guys or you will come to know and on today’s time, if I will tell you a truth, you will go online and check.

You will get thousands of universities and you will not know which university is genuine. which will take fees from you and then disappear. You will not even know which counselor will cheat you.

How to Find Best Online MBA Degree?

on this platform you will get 100th% genuine university. There is no charge, here on this platform you people get different degrees, like if we compare online MBA, then you will get this degree of online MBA, if you click on it, then here is a basic form you have to fill.

As soon as you fill this form, you have to tell what are you doing currently , what is your budget, in how much you can do degree, highest qualification ,you have to answer these 3-4 questions. So you will get the list of all the universities that do online MBA in India, free of cost, here you can see that Manipal University is giving degrees to you online , and you can also check their approvals, student’s choice, how much is the student’s rating, here you will also know the fees + you can directly connect with the counselors of college vidya , you can take their advice around 2500 + Exports will be found on college vidhya.

They will advise you which is the best university for you as per your choice . You people will get to see different universities here like Jain University , upgrade bimtech , Apart from this I was telling you that if you want status of IIM.

IIM Raipur MBA Certificate

You can see fees structure as IIM Raipur university is also registered with them You will also get sample certificates with them. The biggest problem of students is that in online and regular degree, how will we get the certificate, how will we get the degree? What type of degree are you going to get? this is the degree of IIM Raipur, if you want to proceed, you can proceed, the rest of the fees etc.

How much fees do you people have to get the status of IIM ?

Are also mentioned here, how much fees do you people have to get the status of IIM. Rest here , Loan facility is also available. EMI options are there for you people and college vidya platform from the time your degree starts and till your degree completes helps you till the placements. The platform helps, this is one of the best options, you get a dedicated council and you get it from the team of college vidya , which helps you in every phase.

Compare Any University for Free

So you can check this and You also can compare, see three universities, I will show it even after comparing, here there is an option of compare now you can choose any university which seems best to you.

Like I’m looking for IIM Raipur other is Manipal and atlas then all the details of the university will be shown to you guys , what are the approvals ,what are the credit points, what is the eligibility, what is the syllabus after that which companies give placements in these colleges and universities. 

What is the duration what is the mode of education, These are of online mode, what is the examination board, everything is mentioned here, now you can process directly, whatever university you want to go through, They redirect you to the official website. 

You people to go there and register, after that a dedicated counselor will connect with you, rest on this platform you people get another option, which is AI powered option for you people, suggest me in two minutes ,With the help of this option. You can know in 2 minutes that which degree is best for you.

In which degree what option is provided to you. How much fee etc. is being taken, if you fill all these options. In 2 minutes they will give you the details of the everything, in this way you will take the details, after that you can go to your university.

Yes, these are some options, students who are confused at this time whether we should do online degree or offline, for them online degree is very beneficial at this time and if I tell you one thing especially about online degree, then look at today’s time.

We will see that there is no demand for college even offline, in today’s time everyone is going online, everyone is learning skills online, if you want to learn something new online, then it is in high demand because along with it you can learn other things too.

Then this is the thing for you people, you can check out the rest, if you are preparing for any other exam, online is also an option for you, but if you If anyone wants to do online degree, then you guys can check out college vidya platform, guys that’s it in this Article.

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