23 Modern Collar Blouse Design That You Really Need


modern collar blouse design

Indian women use modern collar blouse design to make themselves a bit more attractive. Especially newly married women if wearing collar blouse designs, actually make them look more attractive. Blouse design is one of our daily necessities. So constantly new designs of blouses come in front of us. If you browse our website, you will see many types of blouses shared. Like blouse back design, then net blouse design etc. If the blouse is beautiful then surely wearing it will make you look beautiful too.

What are modern collar blouse designs?

The collared blouses that modern girls wear recently to make themselves more attractive and beautiful are called modern collared blouse designs. Nowadays they are very popular and used by women in large quantities. About 70% to 80% of the market is selling these collar blouses.

Here you will find 23 Modern Collar Blouse Design that are really great for you:

1. Full Sleeve Collar Blouse

Full Sleeve Collar Blouse

Full sleeve blouse design with sleeves creates a different beauty to bring more smile on your face and get compliments surely this blouse is functional. Red fabric has been used in most places in this blouse. And the design is created by printing beautifully. Especially married women look great wearing this blouse design.

2. V Neck Collar Blouse for Girls

V Neck Collar Blouse for Girls

A v neck blouse with a modern collar goes really well. The blouse mentioned in the above photo is definitely a must for young slim women. Must wear to create more spontaneity in yourself. Especially if you want to make yourself more attractive, then buy it.

3. Fancy Style Collar Blouse

Fancy Style Collar Blouse

Fancy style collared blouses will be great for modern women. Everyone wants to make themselves look more modern, so it must be used. It will make your look stand out more. And will fill your mind with a different kind of joy. Already very high quality fabrics are used. So it will be very durable full. You can use it every day without any worries.

4. Collar Blouse with Buttons

Collar Blouse with Buttons

A collared blouse with buttons might look a little more flattering on your body. Buttons are made entirely of cloth. So they are a bit different. There are many women who love button blouses. It can be very nice for them. So, without delay, definitely collect it for yourself. This blouse can be perfect if you wear it with red saree. So definitely give it a try.

5. Deer Print Collar Blouse

Deer Print Collar Blouse

For those of you who are animal lovers, this blouse can be great. Because the design of deer, one of the most peaceful animals of the forest, is printed in this blouse. So women who love deer can wear it on their body if they want.

Earlier it was seen that the rabbit patterned blouse design was collected by women in large numbers. Especially young girls loved it. And they have earned a lot of praise after collecting and wearing them.

6. Red Flowers Thread Collar White Color Blouse

Red Flowers Thread Collar White Color Blouse

Collar blouse design with white fabric and red color printed in it really help to make girls more attractive. Any woman looks beautiful in a white dress. So you can get this modern collar blouse for yourself. The collar is very well designed.

7. White Color Modern Collar Blouse

White Color Modern Collar Blouse

Must use this white fabric blouse to make yourself look hotter and look glamorous. This modern collar blouse can easily make any woman attractive. It can be very suitable when worn with lehenga. Because beautiful girls are seen wearing it with Lehenga in different festivals of India. So give it a try too.

8. Full Floral Print Collar Blouse

Full Floral Print Collar Blouse

Many people request us to show modern collar blouse designs with floral design all over the blouse. So for them today’s collection has brought such a blouse, which will grab your attention very easily. It will look so perfect when worn with any saree. This is a great idea especially for middle aged women.

9. Modern Collar Blouse with Print Sleeve

Modern Collar Blouse with Print Sleeve

If you pay attention, you can see something very unique in the blouse in the photo above. You might have noticed by now that the blouse in the above photo has a special design. And that design is the floral print in the sleeves of this blouse. Which is very unique and wonderful. It can be worn while going to various wedding parties.

10. Rajasthani Half Collar Blouse with Flower Work

Rajasthani Half Collar Blouse with Flower Work

Rajasthani Half Collar Blouse with Flower Work It is very preferred by almost most women in India. Indian women wear this blouse while attending various festivals. And among the trendy blouses it has also gained a lot of popularity. So you can also collect it to make yourself stand out. This blouse is a must add to your wardrobe.

11. Simple Collar Blouse

Simple Collar Blouse

It is great as a simple blouse. It can be very cool for modern girls. A lightweight jewelry design is not required to style this blouse. It would be great with any woman as it is. It is a multi tasking blouse and will suit a saree as well as a blouse.

12. Instrumental Print Simple Collar Blouse

Instrumental Print Simple Collar Blouse

It is gaining popularity in recent times as instrumental print simple collar blouse. It has gained a lot of popularity just by coming into the market. The color is very bright and vibrant. And the red color combination is just awesome. Full sleeves and sheer shimmery lining add to the versatility of this blouse. You can style this blouse with gold bridal jhumka and stunning necklaces. This will be a great idea for you.

13. Yellow Color Modern Collar Blouse Designs

Yellow Color Modern Collar Blouse Designs

Made entirely in yellow color. Mostly yellow cloth is used in it. Yellow cloth is mostly used in women’s wedding ceremonies. Because women like yellow clothes a lot. Modern collar design with yellow fabric looks more awesome. If you are attending a wedding as a guest, you can wear it. The collar of this blouse looks round.

14. Stylish Black Collar Blouse

Stylish Black Collar Blouse

The praise of black cloth is already heard from various wise women. Especially if fair women use black cloth dress, it is great. So you can definitely add the black fabric blouse design mentioned in the above photo to your wardrobe collection. It can be worn in various wedding events. It is also great for family occasions.

15. V Neck Collar Blouse

V Neck Collar Blouse

Among the various collar styles, the V-neck is the most attractive. So of course at this stage I have brought V-neck collar blouse design for you. In front of you may be many attractive women walking around wearing attractive blouses.

You may wish to do so. So if you want to match your saree and look attractive like everyone else, you definitely need a trendy blouse. And that blouse must have attractive collar design. So this modern color blouse is very nice for you. So try it.

16. Band Collar Blouse for Women

Band Collar Blouse for Women

Take a look at the girl mentioned in the photo above. How attractive she is wearing saree with matching blouse on her body. If you want, you can decorate yourself with beauty. So if you already want to use unique and heavy blouse design, then surely this will be perfect for you.

It has about three, four different colors. With which the beauty of this blouse has been enhanced. But the collar of this blouse is so awesome, so don’t miss to use it.

17. Attractive Black Color Modern Collar Blouse

Attractive Black Color Modern Collar Blouse

I have brought for you the attractive modern collar blouse of this stage. The design on the back side of it is exactly used in the design collar. It will be great for young slim women. So it will be very appropriate for young girls to wear it to any festive event.

18. Gold Color Collar Blouse

Gold Color Collar Blouse

This modern collar blouse design of gold color with blue color has really made a lot of difference to women. The design of this blouse has crossed the limits of variation. That’s why it occupies a special place among the trendy blouses these days. To make themselves look more attractive, young girls do not refrain from using it.

19. Colorful Bright color closed blouse

Colorful Bright color closed blouse

The blouse design in the above photo looks very similar to puff sleeve blouses. You notice its collar, very well designed. And black color cloth is used in the collar. Since the entire blouse is made of red fabric, this black color modern collar blouse stands out very well. It definitely helps to make yourself look more beautiful.

20. Nude Color Full Collar Blouse

Nude Color Full Collar Blouse

This nude color full collar blouse can be very nice for newly married women. South Indian bridal pearl jewelry is very nice with it. It has a shimmering or burning sensation. Which will enhance your beauty. This collar blouse will look very modern in bridal look.

21. Half Sleeves Red Color Collar Blouse

Half Sleeves Red Color Collar Blouse

The red colored modern collar design is very prominent in this black fabric blouse with half sleeves. It will be very suitable if worn on family occasions. It can be worn with a saree or can be worn with a lehenga.

22. Modern full Collar Blouse

Modern full Collar Blouse

Girls from many high families in India are seen wearing this blouse. Especially if you have watched Indian dramas, you must have seen women wearing these attractive modern collar blouses. So you can definitely use it to make yourself look more rich.

23. Modern Collar Blouse Design

Modern Collar Blouse Design

At the end of today’s collection I have taken a very simple blouse design. It is widely popular as a simple yet modern collar blouse design. This blouse has beautiful buttons made of fabric which look very short and nice. You can wear it while going to a rich family’s festive event if you want.


Dear friends, I hope you like these modern collar blouse designs very much. If we find more interesting modern collar blouses, we will bring you again. Until then definitely stay with us. Thank you so much for being with us this long.

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