13 Traditional Gold Jhumka Designs from Tanishq


jhumka Designs

You can make yourself as attractive as the queens of yesteryear by wearing these attractive traditional gold jhumka designs. Because queens of earlier eras usually wore such gold jhumka designs. So far women are very fond of these gold jhumka designs. So they constantly go to various online platforms and search for traditional gold jhumka designs. And want to collect attractive traditional gold jhumka designs for yourself.

These gold jhumka designs are made entirely of twenty one carat gold. Being made of 21 carat gold, they are very durable and can be used for a long time. You can visit any relative’s house wearing these jhumka designs. Or you can wear it in your own wedding. Generally, traditional gold jhumka designs are now used in polygamous ceremonies as well. So if you are looking for interesting jhumka designs to wear in your wedding, then you can collect them.

We will inform you about the weight and price of each traditional gold jhumka design in today’s collection. Because if you know the weight and price, you can easily decide which design to get. We will endeavor to inform you of the exact weight and price. But keep in mind that the price of gold is more or less so the price of these jhumka designs can be more or less. You have to collect these jhumka designs according to the gold price at the time of collection.

1. Traditional gold jhumka design

traditional gold jhumka design

First of all in today’s collection I have brought you gold jhumka designs, exactly this kind of jhumka designs worn by the wives of kings of yesteryears. So if you want to make yourself in royal fashion style, then you can collect these jhumka designs. The design in this jhumka design is very old but still winning the hearts of women. Even women from rich families wear these gold jhumka designs on their weddings.

So if you are looking for a traditional gold jhumka for yourself, then definitely get this 11 gram gold jhumka design. You will benefit greatly by collecting it. It is made to be very durable. So no worries about breaking.

2. traditional gold jhumka designs

traditional gold jhumka designs

This traditional gold jhumka design is winning the hearts of many newly married women even though it was launched a few months ago. This jhumka design is made in three parts. A special feature of this jhumka design is that it is made very long. Generally Indian women love to wear long traditional jhumka designs. Newly married women wear this jhumka design to visit their homes.

It is completely made of 21 carat gold. Since it is made of 21 carat gold, there is no worry of being cheated by collecting it. Because we all know 21 carat gold is 100% pure gold. However, this traditional jhumka design is very stunning when worn by newly married women. It has gained the most popularity due to its perfect design.

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3. jhumka Designs

jhumka Designs

If you are a bit weak on the financial side and looking for traditional gold jhumka designs at a low cost, then the jhumka designs mentioned in the above photo will be perfect for you. Because it is the lightest among all jhumka designs in today’s collection. As you will get it in light weight, you can collect it without any problem.

In this jhumka design, a floral design is used on the upper part and only one part is used on the lower part. And if you look closely you can see that three balls are used which looks very interesting. It is made entirely of twenty one carat gold.

4. Traditional gold jhumka

traditional gold jhumka

In the fourth number of today’s collection I have brought you another beautiful traditional gold jhumka design. Hope you will like it very much. Three parts are used in this jhumka design and a circular design is used at the top. This jhumka design is very popular in the market today.

It is made with a little heavy weight but looks very attractive. Foreign women also liked this jhumka design very much. Buyers say that it is very durable due to its extremely precise construction. So you can use it for many days if you want.

5. New gold jhumka designs

new gold jhumka designs

I have brought a very popular gold traditional gold jhumka design for you at this stage. I hope this gold jhumka design grabs your attention soon. Not only you but hundreds of women like you have caught the attention of this gold jhumka design. We share these gold jhumka designs on social media to know about their popularity.

From there, we have seen a lot of appreciation of this jhumka design on the faces of users. Social media users have expressed their desire to collect these jhumka designs. Besides, it can be seen that this design is very viral in various videos on YouTube. So you can make yourself attractive by collecting it.

6. bridal gold jhumka designs


beautiful gold jhumka designs

We have brought for you a very charming traditional gold jhumka design in a completely different design. It follows the traditional gold jhumka designs in a more attractive design. White color is used in this jhumka design. This traditional gold jhumka is very popular among women due to its unique design. You can collect these jhumka designs without any worries. You will get a lot of compliments wherever you go wearing it.

Anyway, hope you like every jhumka design in today’s collection. Stay with us for more interesting jhumka designs. They are made of 21 carat gold. They are built to be very robust. If you wish to collect them then you can collect them from the big jewelery store in your city. Or you can contact us. Thank you so much for staying with us.

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