7 Earring Designs with Price | Best Collection Of Earrings Designs

Gold long designer earring is an exotic earring and the prestige of every Indian woman. They have found their way in from traditional celebrations, weddings to fashion ramps and even in parties. India being the most vibrant in the traditional festival, it’s evident that gold jhumka earrings are a big necessity. It’s the most vital backbone of every Indian jewellery, and what’s not to love about this timeless masterpiece?

They are an enduring choice and ageless design of jewellery that has stayed in practice for years. These chandelier-created earrings that appear in a bell-shaped formation are now in vogue. These were always designed in a precise way, highlighting traditionalism. Still, Malabar Gold and Diamonds is progressive in an incredible way and made it easier for women to wear our extraordinary design even at parties and in contemporary form.

Today we have brought a collection of such designer earrings for you in long and a little heavy, which you can buy to wear in any party function or wedding of your special someone, The design of this long earrings  is so beautiful that you will look even more attracted to wear it. Here you have a look.


1.  New collection of designer earrings.

Being a lady one cannot live without Jewellery. Thus, being gifted with Jewellery is quite common for ladies. Earrings are something that women can never go unobsessed. Earrings are a part of jewellery which when worn alone can also compliment any look.

This earring is perfect for any traditional function where you want something morden yet classic. The small latkan interlock designs gives it an elongated look which is accompanied by a bigger latkan at the center. This earring is work of art with all its fine detailing.

2.  New collection of designer earrings.


Earrings are unique peice of jewellery worn by women all around the world. Earrings and sweet emotions that come with treating the body well, of bringing the self to a reassuring sense of beauty. It is a piece of that provide elegance even when worn by itself alone.

The double circular design with the heavy three latkan give it such a beautiful look.
Both circular design have petals like design on it and the mandala work on the stud and on the center of the circular loops makes it look soo elegant. The design is latkan are such that the center latkan is comparatively bigger than the

3.  New collection of designer earrings.


Earring are a most beautiful peice of in bridal set . No matter you wear it with the entire set or just it alone it give you extravagant look and makes any newly wed bride look .

This earring may seem small but when worn can look so beautiful and elegant on any newly wed bride. The simple yet elegant design makes it look elegant. It has for small detailing which seems like droplets on the earring.

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4.  New collection of designer earrings.


Designs of earring are made according to on going trends which looks perfect whenever paired with any attire would gives a perfect look.

This earring gives a perfect modern yet traditional look. It has a design of dreamcatcher design which symbolises and attracts good vibe and fortune. the detailing of flower followed by the crescent moon with jhumka gives a very beautiful effect.

5.  New collection of designer earrings.

The small stud and The crescent design looks soo beautiful. The Crescent moons have been worn by lovers for centuries because they’re believed to signify love and fertility. so, and married couples use them to represent how lasting their relationship will be with one another. The small latkans adds a little more taste to the earring and makes it more elegant. The small elegant design makes it look so beautiful .

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6.  New collection of designer earrings

Earring a part of solah singhar have been worn over centuries by women as a symbol to their husband’s good luck and fortune . Women wore different style and design of earring in every new era.

And in this era women prefer to wear lightweight jewellery that look good on the and also easy to be worn the entire day. This earring has a unique design with the flower stud and the crescent moon design followed by the petal of flowers and laktan gives a beautiful look. And the green and red colour flower makes the earring look even more pretty.

7.  New collection of designer earrings

Small and elegant design are so in trend right now. The earring dispite being small gives an elegant and gorgeous looks. It’s super light weight and can be worn on any Indian attire to enhance the look.

The sunflower design on the stud of the earring looks soo elegant. The sunflower symbolises vitality, intelligence and happiness in life .

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