Top 10 Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Moments

Mahfuj Rahman

dr strange

Hasan said a good information about Dr Strange, I think the scene where alternate Wanda comforts/forgive The Scarlet Witch (Know that they will be loved) should be on this list, even as an honorable mention. Bear with me Here:

It excellently displayed the two sides to Wanda’s character: the caring, empathetic woman we knew and loved from the beginning (The Hero) and the monsterous, relentless Scarlet Witch (The Villain). All the evil she’s done in MoM (which I personally thought was lousy writing of her character) made it difficult to sympathize with Scarlet Witch, even though we could understand her pain and trauma. What to watch before streaming ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’

Then we finally see the Alternate Wanda, who reminded us of all the good qualities we loved about her that the main version lost, And the fact that after being possessed and attacked by The Scarlet Witch, Wanda forgave and comforted her because it was display of her empathy and motherly love that the Scarlet Witch once had. And that was enough to convince the main Wanda to do the right thing for the first time of this movie.

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Simply put, I just found that display of Empathy and Compassion to be very moving.

I know Multiverse of Madness wasn’t exactly what some of us wanted, but if you heard what Kevin Feige said earlier this week, things will start to make a little more sense when he makes the next big wave of announcements. I wish they included on how Wanda finally saw the error of her ways & her alternate self forgave her & comforted her knowing that the kids will be loved.

Benedict Cumberbatch did a very good job playing all few alternate versions of Doctor Stephen Strange in the 2022 sequel.  I think my favorite part of this movie was when America explained the concept of dreaming your alternate selves and Wong says, “So that dream where I’m naked and being chased by a clown…?” More News

I was surprised that Scarlet Witch was the main antagonist when I first saw this movie. I was expecting it to be Karl Mordo since he took a villainous turn in Doctor Strange’s previous solo movie and that he was featured in the promotional art for this film. Also, I like how the X-Men theme was used when Professor X appeared. And I’m looking forward to seeing where Doctor Strange goes from there. Especially since now that Clea has come into the picture.

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