12 Simple Mehndi Design for Girls

Simple mehndi design are always applied hand or feet in different patterns for any traditional event or simple event. Mehndi designs are always popular in different countries especially in different occasions like religious ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, various festivals, South Asia, North Africa, Middle East, India and Bangladesh.

Mehndi is of immense importance to decorate your body beautifully in any festival. Because its craftsmanship is loved by anyone and makes the occasion more joyful. If you are looking for simple mehndi designs for your upcoming party or event then this post is for you. Here we discuss some simple mehndi designs hope you like it.

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Here are the 12 simple mehndi design for girls. So let’s start with us.

1. Simple Mehndi Design

Simple Mehndi Design

This is a beautiful mehndi design. Those who are looking for beautiful mehndi designs in simple can try this design. It has beautiful circle and leaf pattern henna applied.It is designed like bracelet with leaf dot on the wrist. The flower design with circles on the upper part of the wrist looks nice. The ring shape has been made by drawing the lines beautifully towards the fingers and the leaf design has been given along with it. You can apply it to any party.

2. Simple myehndi Designs for Hands

Simple Mehndi Design

Those who are looking for hand mehndi designs can try this simple mehndi design. You can easily make this design. Because it’s just made of circles and torches. Although it is made of circles and dots, it still looks nice. With this beautiful mehndi design you can apply nail polish if you want or not.

3. Simple Mehndi Design Back Hand

Simple Mehndi Design

Many people find simple mehndi designs to apply on the back side of the hand. I think it is absolutely suitable for them. Because it is simple it looks very beautiful.It is henna applied with small leaves and rose flower design.Designs are art done from wrist to one side fingers. It is both beautiful and stylish and you can get art done in no time when you apply it.

4. Right Hand Mehndi Design Back

Right Hand Mehndi Design Back

This is the perfect right hand mehndi design. Look at the picture above and notice that it is very beautifully designed with flowers. One side of the hand and the rest of the fingers have been designed simply. Along with this you can wear bracelets and finger rings. This is the perfect mehndi design for any occasion.

5. Simple Mehndi Designs for Hands

Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design

This is a simple mehndi design that is perfectly made with floral and small leaf designs. Applying nude color nail polish with henna design will be very beautiful. You can wear a white stone or diamond bracelet with it. It will look good if you wear a silk saree with it.

6. Rose Pattern Mehndi Art

Rose Pattern Mehndi Design

Small rose flower mehndi designs are loved by all girls.It is very beautifully made.Rose flower designs are easy to make and the ring and small flower designs look very nice on the fingers. Light pink color nail polish will be nice with it. You can try mehndi designs on wedding or any occasion.

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7. Leaf Pattern Mehndi Art

Leaf Pattern Mehndi Design

Small leaf designs always look wonderful in mehndi designs. Simple design with circles and leaves on the back side of the hand. Even if it is made with circles, this design is brand new and perfect for any occasion.

8. Latest Mehndi Design

Latest Mehndi Design

This is a beautiful henna design. It is made by beautifully designed mirrors. It is beautifully designed between fingers with circles and leaves. It is the latest and perfect to try on any wedding occasion. You can also use light colored nail polish. With this you can make beautiful trendy hairstyles.

9. Cute Mehndi Design

Cute Mehndi Design

Any girls like cute mehndi designs. Simple mehndi designs are better. You can make it beautifully in few time. This design will be liked by everyone. You or your children can apply it on any occasion or wedding.

10. Unique Mehndi Design

Unique Mehndi Design

Mehndi designs are liked by everyone all the time. This is a nice unique mehndi design. It is made in a very simple way. The designs are beautifully applied in the shape of waves. With this you can apply nail polish of your choice. Anyone can try this design.

11. Gorgeous Floral Mehndi Design

Gorgeous Floral Mehndi Design

Before applying henna, many people think about which design to do. They can try the above picture design. It is made with excellent twists and floral designs. Mehndi is applied lightly on the finger like nail polish. You can definitely try it on wedding ceremony.

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12. Circle Mehndi Design

Circle Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is beautifully designed with circle flowers. Small and big circles are designed in different styles.Mehndi is applied beautifully on the ring finger. You will look awesome if you wear colorful bangles and finger rings with this design.

Pair mehndi designs to make your any event more beautiful and gorgeous. It is a beautiful temporary body art medium that is loved by all, young and old. Different regions have different mehndi designs and different designs among them simple mehndi designs are preferred by everyone because these mehndi designs can be applied easily in a short time. Mehndi designs have been used for ages to make any occasion joyful.

The first thing you need to do before applying henna is to make your hands dry and clean. Then select the good quality mehndi and make the designs of your choice. You can choose the mehndi whose designs are simple. Because this will apply your mehndi and also save time. Also you can make various flower leaves and circle designs very easily.

Always try to try good quality mehndi designs. By doing this your skin will be protected from harmful things and your hands will be protected. Allow time to dry to remove your mehndi color and then apply a good masterizer. This will prolong your henna color. We hope you will like this article. Stay with us. Thank you

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