Rapper Lil Tjay shot in Edgewater, Best Review

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Here are we share most popular comment about Rapper Lil TJay shot in Edgewater, Darrell Sadler said a good comment, If only the ‘rappers’ including their followers and wannabes would stop it with the narcissism and the need to be idolized and “respected”…until this happens expect MORE and MORE of this to HAPPEN. He’s Alive and In care just gotta watch your surroundings and company you keep.

Most Popular Rapper Lil Tjay

This is very sad. In the humble beginning of Rap, this did not go down. The artist was not being shot and killed like this. All of this hate and jealousy because of envious people is so evil. Now everywhere you turn there is a rapper being targeted. Praying for his speedy recovery.

They stay in Jersey like its a safe haven. Be on point where ever you go. Stuff like this happens everywhere. Rappers always getting shot. Makes no sense with other professions you don’t hear this rarely ever happening to. It’s pathetic smh.

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Sadly the first thing you gotta do when you’re a young rapper and you begin to make money is make that vehicle bullet proof. Rap is the most dangerous music scene that ever happened in America.

i use to rap, alot of my friends rap, but its a fact that rap/hiphop is the most toxic genre. look at yung thug and gunna…. rich men (millionaires) catching rico charges.. its the most judgemental genre, most victimizing genre, most violent genre YET—- is the number 1 genre still…. u dont see pop stars shooting eachother, you dont see country stars killing eachother.

I’ve heard a song or 2 from the kid and realize how many ppl hopped on his wave.. but his music just isn’t something I vibe to very much. With that said I pray he keeps pulling through, I know alot of ppl count on him and I’ve seen the humility he’s expressed and it made me a fan of his character above all else.

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This gon keep happening because these rapper’s will pay for everything else except security to secure they’re life. I jus don’t get it, you don’t have to hire top notch agents. Jus sum type of security. Who’s in some of these young men ears. More news

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