Top 10 Modern PNG Jewellers Necklace Designs


top modern png jewellers necklace designs

Today we bring you the highly reviewed Top 10 Modern Necklaces from PNG Jewellers. If you want to see modern necklace designs from PNG Jewellers, then you have come to the right place. Our experienced editors have selected for you some of the most popular necklace designs from PNG Jewellers. Each and every necklace is created in a unique design. PNG Jewelers currently delivers their products worldwide.

They have many showrooms in India. So you can order their products online if you want. Besides, you can go directly to the PNG Jewelers store and collect your favorite necklace designs. Famous celebrities of India use PNG Jewellers’ necklaces. So you can undoubtedly benefit greatly by wearing this modern necklace design.

1. Modern png jewellers necklace designs

modern png jewellers necklace designs

You can definitely collect this modern png jewelers necklace designs. Because it has a wonderful design. Girls from middle-class families can wear it on their weddings if they want. This necklace has been sold almost hundreds of times from PNG Jewellers. Especially brunette looking girls will be attractive if worn. It is made of 21 carat orginal gold. It weight 19 grams. According to the current market, it’s price will be Rs. 124,000

2. Simple necklace from PNG jewellers

png jewellers necklace designs

There are many people who love simple design necklaces. So we bring you a popular simple necklace from PNG Jewellers. It is made in very simple design. Various designs are not used in it. It can also be worn by younger girls. It is made of 22 grams of gold. You have to spend Rs 141,000 to buy it.

3. Modern necklace with red stone

Morden gold necklace

This is a very cool design necklace for South Indian girls. Because South Indian girls always like to use red color stones with necklaces. They like this kind of necklace very much. So it is brought to you. Young girls will be very charming if they dance wearing it in their family functions. It is made of 19 grams of gold. It will cost Rs 124,000 to buy.

4. Floral gold necklace with earrings

floral gold necklace

All girls love flowers very much. So they want to see floral designs in all the materials they use. To fulfill this wish of their mind, I have come up with an attractive gold necklace with floral design. Its buyers have commented very well about it and seeing their comments, many have visited png Jewelers to collect it. It is made of 20 grams of gold. It will cost around Rs 130,000 to procure it.

5. Complete floral design from PNG jewellers

complete floral design

The complete necklace has floral design in a very amazing way. Every flower is absolutely unique. All set to grab the attention of girls. Mumbai city girls wear this kind of complete floral design necklaces on their native festivals. It is collected by many girls in Mumbai from PNG Jewellers. 18 grams of pure gold has been used in it. 120,000 can be spent to buy it.

6. Unique necklace

necklace designs

This necklace design is made with 21 carat pure gold to match the wedding saree. Usually everyone wears a red saree in a wedding. So this necklace will go absolutely great with a red saree. Like Kundan Jewellery, it will become very popular among all. Bridal jhumkas will be very charming with it. It is made of 19 grams of gold. It will cost around Rs 125,000 to collect it.

7. Png gold long necklace designs

png gold long necklace designs

These long necklaces that are preferred by girls all over India are currently collected by hundreds of buyers from PNG Jewellers. It is very well designed. Three layer chains are used in it. In fact, it can catch the eye of any women. It is made of around 38 grams of gold. As per the current market it will cost Rs 229,000.

8. png gold rani haar design

png gold rani haar designs

One of the famous necklaces of Indian girls is Gold Rani Haar. Most of the girls in south and north side of India wear this rani haar in their wedding and various festivals. In fact it looks amazing on girls neck. At this stage I have brought png gold rani haar designs for you. It is being sold in large quantities in the market. The gold rani haar design price of 37 grams of gold is around 223,500 rupees.

9. Png long necklace design

png long necklace design

You can wear this long necklace perfectly with bridal earrings on your wedding. It will be very charming with bridal earrings. Must use this necklace to make yourself more stylish and glamorous. It looks very royal. It is made of 35 grams of pure gold. You have to spend Rs 112,500 to buy it.

10. Gold thushi designs with price

Gold thushi designs with price

These gold thushi designs will be very suitable for your neck with puff sleeve blouse. This necklace is great for wearing all the time. You can easily collect it from PNG Jewelers by ordering online. It is made of only 3 grams of gold. According to the current market, the price of this gold thushi will be only Rs. 20,000.

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