11 Stylish Model Baju Pesta Simple Elegan for Women

Minti Sah

Model Baju Pesta Simple Elegan

Of course, we want to appear amazing when we attend a wedding, so we should select a dress or gown that is exceptionally lovely and exquisite. It goes without saying that you occasionally want to dress elegantly and elegantly when you want to attend a party, minutely for ladies who wear the hijab. This is what spurred me on!

Ladies, let’s have a look at the stylish dress models below for those of you who are still perplexed about where to get ideas for model naju pesta simple elegan.

Model Baju Pesta Simple Elegan for Girls:

Here are the 11 stylish model baju pesta simple elegan for women. So let’s start with us.

1. Model baju pesta Simple Elegan non muslim

Model Baju Pesta Simple Elegan

Try wearing this flowy Korean-style dress if you’re seeking for a basic yet stylish party dress model. made of tulle, brocade, and a little bit of ruffle on top. To appear beauty, wear it with tall heels and a stunning purse in the same hue.

2. Korean-style Party Dress

Model Baju Pesta Simple Elegan

This fashion trend was also influenced by Korean-style garb. The shape is straightforward, yet the hands’ features feature classy bell sleeves. Additionally, the primary material is tulle, which is lovely and has a touch of glitter to make it appear opulent.

3. Model Baju Pesta sekarang

Model Baju Pesta Simple Elegan

You may try a dress model with a combination of pastel brocade, solid designs, and a ton of sequins if you wear the hijab and wish to wear a Muslimah dress for a party; this will make you look more gorgeous.

Additionally, put on a hijab that matches the hue of your clothing. This brocade party dress will enhance the wonder and elegance of your look even if you want to wear a plain hijab style.

Women currently like Muslim kebaya for party gowns. The combination of traditional details and cutting-edge design will be appealing in and of itself.

4. Gaun Simple Elegan

Gaun Simple Elegan

This beautiful dress with a v-neck design can be a good alternative if you are tired of wearing model baju pesta simple elegan. Make the model have a kimono-like top and a belt accent at the waist. Next, pick a model with balloon hands and lengthy buttons on the sleeves to enhance your appearance. High-heeled footwear are included so you may stroll comfortably.

5.  Model Baju Pesta Simple Elegan

Model  Party Dress

The full brocade a-line dress is the next classy and understated model baju pesta simple elegan style that may be worn to weddings. If you want to provide a cheery and joyful image, you might use vibrant brocade hues like white or cream. You may enhance your look by wearing a gold necklace or other accessories.

6. Gaun Pesta Elegan

Gaun Pesta Elegan

For those hijab-wearing ladies who enjoy beautiful floral or sequin patterns, this Muslim party dress is best. The addition of a small belt in the shape of a ribbon gives this garment an even most vute and opulent appearance.

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7. Model Baju Pesta Brokat

Model Baju Pesta Brokat

The first kareta shirt is a kind of narrow fit brocade shirt with side pleats. As a brocade model, slim fit is frequently picked since it may make the body appear leaner. Then, your shirt model looks cutting-edge and current thanks to the folded accent on the side.

You may choice models in bright and light hues like dusty pink and brocade-made clothing. Particularly when worn with a thin cut model with folded highlights, this hue will give you a more feminine and good image.

8. model baju brokat terbaru

model baju brokat terbaru

The kaftan is best associated with the attire worn throughout the month of Ramadan, particularly during communal fast-breaking and Eid al-Fitr. The caftan now comes in a brocade design, which quickly elevates your appearance from adorable and undecorated in the past.

9. Gaun Pesta Brokat tile Modern

Gaun Pesta Brokat tile Modern

A beautiful golden brocade dress can make your appearance look fresh, dear. The light brocade tile material makes a flowy impression and doesn’t get hot when used, best for those of you who are invited during the day.

Even though it is plain without a pattern, this dress still looks cute with the strap detail at the waist, ruffle at the bottom, and ruffles at both ends of the sleeves which are also very friendly for you.

10. Sleeveless White Dress Sifon Aksen Belt

Sleeveless White Dress Sifon Aksen Belt 

If you put on a wonderful white brocade dress, my darling, you could seem more youthful. The light brocade tile material, for those of you who are welcomed throughout the day, creates a flowing impression and doesn’t become warm when you used.

Even though this dress is plain and lacks a pattern, the strap detail at the waist, the ruffle at the bottom, and the eco-friendly ruffles on both ends of the sleeves give it a wonderful appearance.

Fit and flare models work well with this chiffon febric, especially at the bottom. As a result, when worn, the dress fits the body contour and hides the body’s curves.

The strap detail at the waist, the ruffle at the bottom, and the ruffles at both ends of the hands, which are also extremely environmentally friendly, make this dress seem pretty even if it is simple and without a pattern.

11. Beautiful Silk Organza Dress

Beautiful Silk Organza Dress 

For those of you who wear the hijab, this beautiful yet basic party dress style is appropriate. White has an air of simplicity while still being attractive.

Typically, satin is add to create the inside garment. Next, the outer layer is made of organza. The organza cloth is made into a wrap to give it a wonderful appearance. Dresses thus become more fashionable and appealing.

A hijab may complete your appearance. Pick a hue that complements the dress’s primary hue. You can wear beautiful heels with it.


You will undoubtedly dress to impress while going to a party so that you may move with more confidence. If you don’t want to look eager, a basic, wonderful party dress model can be the best option. A  model baju pesta simple elegan is a great option if you frequently receive invites to semi-formal events.

This party dress style is distinguished by a long goen shape that widens as it descends. The growth of the fashion industry has given this model a most chic and contemporary appearance.

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