12 Best Model Baju Bridesmaid

Minti Sah

Model Baju Bridesmaid

For those of you who are planning a wedding in the near future and are looking for model baju bridesmaid  dress to give to your friends or yourself you can check out the following article. This can also be done for those people who are directly engaged by the bride and groom and are still confused about what to wear on the wedding day.

As the groom or bride of course you want to look as wonderful as possible, right? Fortunately, at the present time there are many choices of stylish clothes that are perfect as bridesmaid uniforms. Model baju bridesmaid have beautiful brocade dresses. Not only skirts, but also pants models and long gown.

 Model Baju Bridesmaid:

Here are the12 best model baju bridesmaid. So let’s start with us.

1. Model Baju Bridesmaid Hijab Simple

Model Baju Bridesmaid

For a simple but still latest look, you can create an outfit by adding a vest made of brocade. This bridesmaid dress model will make your look more fashionable and unique than others. You can add belly straps to create a nice longer body silhouette and long legs.

2. Model Baju Bridesmaid Untuk Orang Gemuk

Model Baju Bridesmaid

Searching your favorite on your relative’s or friend’s wedding day has become a must. Anyway, when you are asked to be a bridesmaid on her big day. The bridesmaids are also in the spotlight.  They accompany the bride and groom during the wedding.

3. Inspirasi Baju Bridesmaid

Model Baju Bridesmaid

It’s not to nesseasry you have to wear a batik dress or skirt, you can combine to try  trousers as a bridesmaid uniform. These straight cut trousers look suitable paired with a brocade tunic. Besides being trending and contemporary, such styles are also very simple and best.

4. Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress with Hijab

Ruffle Bridesmaid Dress with Hijab 

Hijab bridesmaid dresses with beautiful ruffle details are also famous among hijabars.Wonderful Ruffle accents normally appear on the bottom of the garment, on the hands or on the chest and waist. It’s a unique, ruffle accents can make an amazing looks on a simple outfit.

5. Bridesmaid Dress for Women

Bridesmaid Dress for Women

This shades of pink, this Muslim outfit is best for those of you who want to look wonderful at a wedding. The brocade layer is on the dress top that’s adds an elegant looks, and combined with balloon style hands makes it look more beautiful. The skirt cut of at first look resembles a mermaid dress but is still  very comfortable for walking.

The fabric also nice falls and is light weight so it is suitable to wear even for hours. When you wear this makes you look slim because the waist is framed with layers of payer. Besides it’s also a combination of plisket that’s made at an angle from the shoulder and extends to the bottom hem which is very beautiful.

6. Baju Bridesmaid Dress

Baju Bridesmaid Dress

The trending of sage green has apparently not ended even though the seasons change. It’s one of the derivatives of the color green indeed makes an awesome aura radiate even more, especially in the form of a kebaya dress. It’s a modern design, this kebaya has a brocade layered top, studded with sequins and has nice pleated accents.

The Hands design is puffed with a light weight tail layer. The waist is made slim so you look silk and beautiful. And for the skirt, try green batik cloth that matches the shawl. Typical Indonesian women are looking so beautiful. You can add nice heels and a handbag.

7. Model Baju Bridesmaid

Cute Dress for Girls

These dresses are very amazing. You will say and you was very skeptical when seeing these dress. This dress is now very trending and comfortable to wear.It’s so cute and comfy!  Many girl love it and this dress is come in so many colors. It’s look great and fit great.

8. Satin Dress

Satin Dress

This  beautiful plain satin dress with a flare model could be your inspiration. Even though it is plain, the falling model makes it look more excellent when worn. You can match it with pashmina and beads on the hijab to make it look more luxurious.

9. Beautiful Satin Dress

Beautiful Satin Dress

Do you want to see your satin dress not to look lonely? You can use beads and drape the cloth over your chest. Don’t forget to wear a plain headscarf in a matching color to add elegance to your outfit. How did you feel when you saw  this dress?

10. Bridesmaid Dress with Ruffle and Button Front Accents

Bridesmaid Dress with Ruffle and Button Front Accents

This amazing ruffle accent bridesmaid dress and white button front will be very excellent to wear at your friend’s wedding. This baju dress has unique details with a crossover shape at the top, buttons underneath, and ruffle accents at the hem of the dress. Meanwhile, the hands of this dress can be made simple with three buttons on the wrist. For accessories, don’t forget to wear simple and not too exaggerated jewelry such as gold earrings or necklaces.

11. One-shoulder Cut Dress

One-shoulder Cut Dress

Tara Basro wore a nice one-shoulder cut dress with sparkling pastel pink sequin material for wedding. This dress has feather accents which add to the wonder of the dress itself.

12. Satin Dress with Soft Pink Glitter.

Satin Dress with Soft Pink Glitter.

This is a wedding reception dress. It’s look like a princess in a satin dress with beautiful pink glitter.

Wearing a wonderful and charming fashion display at a wedding is the target of all girls. There are many inspirations for satin baju bridesmaid dresses that are now recommended. One of them combines this light brown satin with a combination of brocade details.

Having a  beautiful satin bridesmaid dress model like this is sure to make the appearance more elegant and excellent.


The model baju bridesmaid that is suitable for this wedding atmosphere is simple and elegant. You can wear a satin dress or something similar that perfect the sober wedding atmosphere.

Don’t forget to match the color to the veil and mask you are going to wear so it doesn’t spoil your appearance. Even though you look best, you still have to maintain your health by wearing a mask when you are at a wedding day. Your friends will definitely be happy to see you looking wonderful on their big day. Of the twelve bridesmaid styles dress above, which one do you like the best?

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