12 Stylish Model Baju Batik for Girls

Minti Sah

Model Baju Batik

Model baju batik is one of the best Indonesia’s cultural heritage that we must preserve. It’s a simple way we can do this is to use batik as daily wear, everyone can  wear it work or to attend an event.

At present batik is great known as best formal wear, you can also use batik tops for various functions and party. It can be used according to need because batik top models are very diverse. Different patterns add a fashionable impression when you wear it.

Model Baju Batik Dress:

If you want to know which model baju batik are available and popular right now. Here are the 12 Stylish Model Baju Batik for Girls. So let’s start with us.

1. Black and White Batik Blouse with Ribbon Accent

Model Baju Batik

If you unlike normal blouse batik models, this batik blouse looks beautiful with a ribbon accent at the waist. Meanwhile, the chest is detailed with nice motifs. This is very perfect for those of you who want to try an anti-mainstream blouse design.

2. Combination Batik Blouse with Nice Collar

Model Baju Batik

If you want a clean and stylish look with a nice batik dress model that can make you look so beautiful. So, you can try this beautiful batik model. Combining a collar with a triangle cut will provide a cute silhouette. The batik motifs designed wide and down also fresh your look.

3. Green Batik Dress

Model Baju Batik

The batik kimono dress looks unique with an attractive silhouette, inspired by the Japanese kimono dress.The distinctive style of this women’s batik model is on the front of the shirt. Normally made in a triangular shape. This collar is made like a “V”  shape collar which is looking stylish.

4. Purple Batik Dress

Purple Batik Dress

Batik tunics are a famous choice for modern office style. A loose fit and suitable tunic. It’s paired with trousers or a skirt. It creates a professional and classic look.

5. Batik Shirt Tunic Model for women’s

Batik Shirt Tunic Model for women's

Apart from blouses, tunics can be another choice for formal batik shirt.  If you unlike short blouse models, tunics have long details up to the knee or up to the calf. Tunic models now vary easy style and they may or may not be added with buttons. If you want you can also switch it up with other metarial to make it look not so plain.

6.  Batik Shirt Blouse Model for Girls

Batik Shirt Blouse Model for Girls

The first new model for sewing women’s batik clothes is very simple and classic, namely the blouse. Many women wear it for work wear because of its simple, formal and best comfortable pattern.

Normally this blouses are made with a length that reaches below the waist and long sleeves. This wonderful design is open at the front, giving it a modern and normal impression.

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7. Light Blue Batik Dress

Light Blue Batik Dress

If you want to look best formal but you maintain a batik feel, try opting for a blue batik dress. Choose an amazing designed dress, such as an A-line cut or  nice shift dress, which will give you a neat and professional or a party look.

8. Floral  Dress

Floral  Dress

If you want a beautiful look with a model baju batik dress that can make you look amazing. So, you can try this super batik model dress. It has a nice round neck with  beautiful elbow length sleeves will provide a sweet look. The batik floral motifs designed wide and down also cute your look.

9. Black Printed Dress

Black Printed Dress

Model baju batik is batik that is made carefully by batik artists. Every girl use this dress a special party that they look best. It’s a nice draw motifs directly on the fabric. This batik has high uniqueness and authenticity, each motif is look beautiful and no one can dislike it. Due to the complex and wonderful production process, this batik is often more expensive than other batik.

10. Beautiful Black Dress for Girls

Beautiful Black Dress for Girls

most girl unlike normal blouse models, this batik blouse looks beautiful with a nice print collar at the neck and the chest is detailed with nice print motifs. Very best for those of you who want to try an awesome blouse style.

11. Model Baju Batik Modern

Model Baju Batik Modern

Many career women with high activities in the office should wear this batik dresses. It is one of best women’s fashion models that emphasizes simplicity with a combination of fresh nude and black colors and a simple print batik pattern.

12. Stylish Dress

Stylish Dress 

This batik dress  is very comfortable for your party wear. The model is very simple and beautiful. If you want to wear a beautiful model baju batik like this, that’s good. Combine with a tight leggings. Because this blouse model is long and reaches above the wrist. It is very comfortable to use a long  beautiful printed skirt.


The stylish model baju batik dress offer a variety of beauty and fashionable style choices for all ages women. With the great selection and best mix and match, you can create a professional and creative look at work and any event.

Also, wearing batik dress is a way to support the sustainability of Indonesian culture and pass on the elegant and values of it to future generations.

So, don’t delay to explore the latest models of office and party or occasion batik dresses and flaunt your style with pride in this trending traditional dress. Hope you will like this article. Stay with us. Thank you

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