Juneteenth means freedom’ One-on-one with the ‘grandmother of Juneteenth’



Juneteenth means freedom’: One-on-one with the ‘grandmother of Juneteenth‘ it is right. An absolute saint Juneteenth means freedom’: One-on-one with the ‘grandmother of Juneteenth’ it is right. An absolute saint irl too! She used to send boxes of food to my mom and brother when they were struggling. No one more deserving to see this life long mission happen. Hope everyone is celebrating today all rights.

i’m in love the with the 2.5 mile walk to represent the 2.5 years that black folks in Texas didn’t know they were free. it feels like a tangible way to start a dialogue about that time in the history of our country, and what Juneteenth really means.let’s keep the BBQ’s going until July 4th! Very lovely 

Good question about juneteenth , So now we can set up ANY holiday we want based on the date when some signIficant historical event BECAME KNOWN  to some subset of the American population, not upon when the even ACTUALLY occurred?

Greetings to you Ms Opal and continued Blessing thanks for your loyal stand for us that did not know what today represents I’m so privileged and Bless at the same time. Once again Continually to Be Bless. Very good information.

For you Mama Opal for Loving us because we sure do Love you.I Thank God you live to see this day come to pass you’re walking pushing and pressing you never gave up you are such a fighter thank you for encouraging me I will continue to fight as well you are such an awesome example. 

I like the comments, Wishing everyone a Happy Juneteenth ~ Many important lesons we can all learn from this holiday. Slavery didn’t work then and it won’t work now. Hope everyone has a good day.

Iam so happy to know this history of Juneteenth & this wonderful lady who took a stand for freedom being celebrated in a wonderful way. Thank you yet again precious lady; I am humbled by your courage for the right of mankind. iam too happy. More news


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