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josh emmett

All highlights about josh emmett. Best comments, 3-2 on striking for Calvin, stuffed all takedowns, laid triple the damage, cleaner techniques. absolutely a close fight but there’s criteria that judges seem to never follow. easy win for kattar. is what it is. Crazy how Jeremy stephens won last night for the first time since putting Emmett in a body bag. And emmett hasn’t lost since then also lol.

Jon anik said a talk, I was a Josh Emmett fan before the fight, i thought Kattar was going to be too much for Josh but he held up very well and did pretty good. I don’t think Emmett won the fight, but it was a very close fight. Emmet definitely did not win Round 4 though. josh emmett stats

Very funny and atractive, This was clearly a robbery. One of the judges gave the 4th round for Emmett, either the judges are blind or they rigged the fight.  Good fight Watched the whole fight. I had emmet winning two rounds. Calvin was looking sharp with his boxing. Emmet will get sparked up by whoever wins the tittle fight.

Very good information, Damn thought Kattar won but good job to Emmett. Dude is tough as nails and pushed the pace. I just wish Kattar was more active he seemed quite passive, even in the 5th round.  josh emmett last fight

Very big funny comment, Great fight this whole card has been GREAT i love kattar and josh both so I didn’t know who to cheer for but I just said fuck it the they both are coming off great wins I don’t care who lose cuz even if they do they gon be good tracks  anyway could’ve gon both ways really interested in how that BLOCK of POWER josh is gonna be in the title contenders.

Very lovely information about josh emmett, Congrats to Emmett what a fight but damn I thought kattar won this I mean kattar is doing damage most of the rounds and Emmett throwing powerful shot but most of it landing on Calvin’s arm while kattar is always landing clean.

i will very happy, Was a very close fight but I do feel like Kattar did enough to get the job done. Yes Josh’s punches had more steam but Calvin was extremely accurate while alot of Josh’s punches either missed entirely or hit the shoulder. Does takedown defense not mean anything either? Calvin stuffed every takedown shot at him. More news

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