17 Stunning Gold Necklaces from Kalyan Jewellers


Kalyan Jewellers necklace With Price

Kalyan Jewelers is one of the most popular jewelery stores in India in recent times. So most women in India want to see Kalyan Jewellers Necklaces with Price. Besides, Indian girls find attractive gold necklaces from Kalyan Jewelers at various places. Here are necklaces from Kalyan Jewelers for you today. Which are made in latest designs. You will find necklaces to wear in weddings here. Again find necklaces to wear to parties. That means you will get all types of designs here. These are now very popular in the market. So here it is brought to you. The beauty of each necklace will impress you. And we will inform you about the weight and price of each necklace.

Latest Kalyan Jewellers necklace With Price:

Here are the latest and all types of necklace designs from Kalyan Jewellers. Which are very beautiful. And also you will know about their weight and price.

1. Kuwaiti gold necklace with price

Kuwaiti gold necklace with price

You may know that, currently, various designs of necklaces are coming in front of us. As India is a huge country, women from different regions here prefer different types of necklace designs. There are many women in Delhi who love this Kuwaiti gold necklace. And they look for them in different places. Generally it is preferred by Arabian women.

These are available from various online marketplaces in India. You can order it directly from the online website of Kalyan Jewellers. This is a very nice necklace. As attractive as it looks, you’ll look even better when you wear it. It weight about 16 grams. It will cost around Rs 115,328.

2. Kuwaiti gold necklace in Kalyan Jewellers

Kuwaiti gold necklace in Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan Jewelers has benefited many women in India by creating these attractive Kuwaiti gold necklaces. Because usually this type of necklace is most available in Arabic countries. The gold necklaces available at this stage also have very attractive designs. The mesh is made of gold. And that mesh is brought into leaf design.

It is very small in shape. So you can wear it as a choker necklace. It will stick to the neck perfectly and there is no worry of getting lost or damaged. Full 22 carat gold is used in this gold necklace. It can be very attractive as a jewelry gift. About 15 grams of gold has been used in it.

3. Very simple design gold necklace

Very simple design gold necklace

Nowadays most of the young Indian girls love to wear simple necklace designs. In fact these simple necklaces have greatly influenced our fashion style. They are lightweight and come in various designs. As they are made with light weight, they do not cost much to collect. So it is possible to collect different types of designs for yourself again and again.

For those of you who buy your essential jewelery from Kalyan Jewellers, this simple necklace will be very attractive. Several floral designs are used in it. Which are really showing in the necklace. It actually looks pretty awesome. It weight 16 grams.

4. Eye catching gold necklace in Kalyan Jewellers

Eye Catching gold necklace in Kalyan Jewellers

Many people want to get eye-catching gold necklaces from Kalyan Jewellers. I think it would be absolutely perfect for them. Because this design has already gained huge popularity on social media. Its beauty has mesmerized the eyes of thousands of Indian women. So you too can collect it for yourself and make yourself more attractive among all.

If a married woman goes in front of her husband wearing it, he will be absolutely mesmerized. So you will not be hindered in any way to collect it. Due to the heavy rhodium polish used in this necklace, it looks like it is made of diamonds. It is completely made of 22 carat gold. It weight 26 grams.

5. Chain necklace designs

Chain necklace designs

Attractive necklaces with gold chains and pendants have become very popular with newly married women in recent times. And they wear such pendant necklaces a lot while visiting their relatives’ houses. Also you can wear this necklace to make yourself look more rich. It hangs a little further down from the neck. So it looks taller in shape and looks attractive even from a distance. It has a weight of 17 grams

6. Gold necklace with pendant

Gold necklace with pendant

Here comes another attractive gold necklace with pandent. As Indian girls are very fond of pandent necklaces. So by coming up with a design they might feel uncomfortable. So I came up with another design. But if you look into it, you will see a slightly different design. In it you will see the type of flowers used in Arabian necklaces.

The same kind of floral design is used in this pandent. And thick gold chains are used on both sides. Which is quite heavy and attractive. It is completely made of 22 carat pure gold. And because it is so perfectly made, it doesn’t worry about spoiling it in any way. It weight 24 grams.

7. Gold necklace for brides

Gold necklace for brides

This is a great stunning gold choker necklace for brides from rich families. This necklace looks very nice. And any woman wearing it looks very rich. So if you want to look more rich along with beauty, then you must wear this necklace around your neck. It is collected by many women in Dubai city. And they wore it to their wedding.

So as an Indian girl you can wear it too. Also if the brides wear it as a choker necklace in their wedding, it will be most awesome. It also uses a large amount of rhodium polish. Due to the use of rhodium polish, it looks more sparkling. It weighs 25 grams.

8. Gold necklace in 8 grams

Gold necklace in 8 grams

This necklace is made of only 8 grams of gold. Again this is collected from Kalyan Jewellers. Many of you will wonder how a gold necklace from Kalyan Jewelers can be made in such a small weight. Because most of the necklaces of Kalyan Jewelers are very heavy, they may look too small in shape or feel light in weight.

However if you want to collect attractive necklaces in light weight from Kalyan Jewellers, then this is your golden opportunity. You can collect this necklace for yourself. Small leaf designs are used in it. Which have increased the beauty of this necklace even more. You will also get matching earrings with it.

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9. Party ware gold necklace with price

Party ware gold necklace with price

Girls in our country try to make themselves more attractive while going to parties. They want to impress anyone who sees them. That is why they wear attractive clothes. However, you must also wear eye-catching gold necklaces to make yourself more attractive. So as an Indian woman you can definitely buy this necklace for yourself.

Because it will easily make you look more eye-catching. So you are by no means far away from collecting it. It is petite in shape and mainly made for party wear. It weight about 13 grams

10. Simple Kalyan Jewellers necklace with price

Simple Kalyan Jewellers necklace with price

Many people want to know the simple necklace design and price from Kalyan Jewellers. For them here I will tell and show the price of a simple necklace design according to today’s gold price. Hope it will be great for you. In recent times, the price of gold has been constantly going up and down. So when you collect it, you must buy ornaments according to the then gold rate.

However, it is very popular among Indian girls as a simple necklace. It has been sold hundreds of times to women from Kalyan Jewellers. So you can collect it without any worry. It weight 18 grams. To collect it you have to spend around Rs 122,112.

11. Floral gold necklace with price

Floral gold necklace with price

This Arabian necklace uses only floral motifs. Just because of the use of floral design, the beauty of this necklace has become completely different. It is completely made of 22 carat gold. You all know that 22 carat gold means pure gold. So you will not be fooled in any way by collecting necklace designs made of 22 carat gold.

Wearing this attractive necklace will make you very attractive in any other wedding. And everyone will appreciate you. It is also accompanied by a very matching pair of earrings. The weight of this necklace with earrings is about 22 grams.

12. Rhodium polish gold necklace

Rhodium polish gold necklace

Rhodium polish attractive gold necklaces are preferred by many. These rhodium polish necklaces are great especially when going to various parties or dancing events. They look very shiny. And women wear it to make their beauty look more glamorous. So you must use it to make yourself more hot and stunning.

Love shape is used in the design of this necklace. Which looks very nice and you can gift it to your loved ones if you want. Hope your loved one will start liking you more after receiving this as a gift. It weighs 15 grams.

13. Kalyan Jewellers bridal gold necklace with price

Kalyan Jewellers bridal gold necklace with price

If you find attractive bridal gold necklaces from Kalyan Jewelers before the wedding, then it can be very nice. This type of design that is made in it is usually preferred by Bangladeshi girls. But nowadays these perfectly worked necklaces are also widely preferred by Indian women.

So this design is made from Kalyan Jewellers. It will be perfect for brides to wear on their weddings. So you can collect it with confidence. If you wear bridal gold jhumka designs with this necklace, it can be very nice. The weight of this necklace is 40 grams.

14. Kalyan Jewellers long necklace with price

Kalyan Jewellers long necklace with price

These long necklaces have become very popular at Kalyan Jewelers in recent times. It is completely made of 22 carat gold. Most of the Indian women have collected it as it is made of pure gold. You can also collect this long necklace if you want. It is not so big in shape. So you won’t face any problem wearing it. It will hang slightly down from the neck.

You can easily wear it and take it off your neck. If you wear this gold necklace with a simple blouse design will be very suitable. Because nowadays most of the girls are wearing this necklace more with simple blouse designs. It has a weight of 22 grams

15. Light weight gold necklace in Kalyan Jewellers

Light weight gold necklace in Kalyan Jewellers

Here is another light weight necklace from Kalyan Jewellers. If you are looking to buy a light weight necklace, that too with a unique design, then definitely get this one. Because this necklace has a unique design. Women from rich families also go to various parties by wearing it. It weighs 12 grams.

16. 22k gold necklace with price

22k gold necklace with price

Many of you are looking for attractive gold necklaces made directly from 22K gold. Each and every necklace in today’s collection for them is stunning. Because each of the necklaces shown to you in today’s collection is made entirely of 22 carat gold. The gold necklace that is being shown to you at this stage is made in a very beautiful design.

And very perfectly worked floral designs are created. These necklaces are being sold in large quantities in the market these days and are very popular at Kalyan Jewellers. It weight 26 grams.

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17. Kalyan Jewellers necklace with price

Kalyan Jewellers necklace

At the end of today’s collection I have brought you another mind blowing bridal gold necklace design. If the brides want to dress up themselves in a more attractive outfit, then they must collect this gold necklace.

Although it weighs more and costs more. But its beauty is nothing to the price. This necklace is very well made. It has been sold many times at Kalyan Jewellers. It will be perfect for brides. It weight 43 grams.


Hope you like each and every gold necklace in today’s collection. And if you are looking to collect any type of necklace designs from Kalyan Jewellers, then today’s list has got you covered. You can visit Kalyan Jewelers store to collect them. Or you can order from their online website. Stay tuned for more such attractive gold designs. Thank you so much for staying with us.

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