12 Latest Gold Bangle Design Catalogue

Gold bangle design catalogue are part of traditional South Asian jewellery. They are sometimes worn in pairs by women, one or more on each arm. It is also common for women to wear a single bangle or several bangles on just one wrist. Most Indian women prefer wearing either gold or glass bangles or a combination of both.There are two basic types of bangles: a solid cylinder type; and a split, cylindrical spring opening/closing type.

Normally, a bangle worn by people around the world is simply an inflexible piece of jewelry worn around the wrist. However, in many cultures, especially those from Indian cultures and the broader Indian subcontinent, bangles have evolved into various types in which different ones are used on different occasions.

Bangles, in India, usually used by married women or girl. A chura is a set of Bangles traditionally worn by a bride on her wedding day and for a period after.we sharing our some of bangles design with you all, In case you want to know about the different types of bangles out there.

1. Gold bangle design catalogue

gold bangle design catalogue 1

Suppose you like to keep things simple, you must be try our this plain gold bangles. If you are a fashion devotee, you should experiment with new and innovative trends then take a look at this impressive antique gold bangle design collection, which possess a subtle brilliance while also being visually striking and entrenched in our culture. This is our exclusive piece of today collection.

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2. Catalogue Gold bangle design

gold bangle design catalogue 9

Bangles are traditionally a part of the solah shringar of Indian brides. It is mandatory for newly wed brides and would-be-brides to wear bangles made of gold or other metals as they signify the long life of the husband. They signify good fortune and prosperity. This Kara design bangle will go on any newly married bride attire. with a hint of Bengali tradition this bangle has kalash like design which signify prosperity and goodluck.

3. Bangle design for ladies

gold bangle design catalogue 8

Classy and Enigmatic at the same time, this stylish gold bangle is an all-time charmer. The three-tone color with rhodium rose gold and yellow gold gives a contrasting look and the overlapping pattern of the gold bangle is a treat to the eyes.Meenakari work has been done in it, which is making its people more attractive. Best to wear it with any of your classy dresses.

4. Latest gold bangles designs

gold bangle design catalogue 7

In Indian culture every colour signify a colour. Green colour bangle signify good luck and fertility and blue bangles are the ultimate symbol of fortune and prosperity.
This bangle is a mixture of both the colour in its spiral form gives it an elegant look and look effort on hand when simply paired with and other bangle. The light weight design.make it hassle free.

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5. Bangle design catalogue set

gold bangle design catalogue 2

The sleek bangles along with some enhanced design that provide bulk to the bangles are soo in trend nowadays. This is simple yet elegant design that can go soo well om the hands of any women in Indian attire. The simple detailing done with gold colour matches the bangles and doesn’t create alot of hassles. The simple minimalist design enhance the look of the bangle

6. 15 grams gold Bangle Design

gold bangle design catalogue 3

This stylish gold bangle will make every individual stare at your wrist. The indo-western concept with Meenakari in damru design is just portraying a picture-perfect aura. A trendy attire will be just appealing with this gold bangle.The high polish work, brings a totally new look to the gold bangle. Wear this to be trendy in the midst of all.

7. Simple gold bangles designs catalogue

gold bangle design catalogue 4

For an Indian women, bangles are not just mere ornaments. Indian women love their bangles. It is a tradition to wear bangles after marriage for the sake of health, luck and prosperity for ber family and husband . Bangles are more than accessories for fashion to Indian women. They are a part of their identity as a married women . This is a simple yet beautiful design that can compliment any age group of Indian women.

8. Most Popular gold Bangle Design

gold bangle design catalogue 6

Bangles over the years have been 20 years has been designed to suit any trend with different attire or Indian wear. Bangles were manily designed back to be worn during marriage and after marriage but nowadays bangles can be worn in any attire and can enhance any look perfectly. The sma spiral design on the entire bangle give a elegant design can be worn with any attire without any problem.

9. Beautiful gold Bangle Design

gold bangal design 1

Thin bangles have an elegant versatility which can lend itself to many interpretations. Making a subtle statement when worn alone, they transform into a vibrant eye-catching accessory when worn together.This beautiful set have a unique white finish design which seems like diamond and is perfect for daily wears.

10. Latest simple gold bangles designs

gold bangle design catalogue 2022

Make your day magical for yourself with this dazzling and propitious gold bangle which gives you the magic of exhilaration and grace. Curated with high polish and matt finish, this gold bangle gives a dual beautiful reflected.The diamond work makes this gold bangle more attractive. Without delay buy these and wear them with a simple saree all day long to look pretty.

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11. Gold Bangle Design for women

gold bangle design

This is very beautiful and elephant piece of bangles. Its design has been defined very finely half by making cutwork and design in half. Sometimes you might have to go to a sudden family function or any occasion from your office, but how to accessorize yourself? The high polish finish and wirework are sober and beautiful at the same time. This gold bangle will go best with a classy sari or dress with a simple look.

12. Hottest gold bangles designs

gold bangle design catalogue

A bangle is one of the most important ornaments that an Indian woman wears. For married women, bangles hold a special significance as they are a sign of their suhaag and their marriage. The set of bangles with some alternative beaded design at the center and small detailing at the corner enhance the look and give it and elegant and beautiful look. Being lightweight can be worn without any hassle.

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