Colourful crystal bridal necklace design

Minti Sah

Today we have brought in front of you the design of some such crystal necklace, which is very much in the trand these days.This necklace is most popular in the state of West Bengal, India. people there know it by the name of choker necklace.

Different colored crystals have been used on all this necklace, due to which its look very beautiful.You can also take this necklace as such a wedding necklace, many people use it nowadays.This crystal necklace creates a heavy look and due to its light weight, its price is very pocket friendly which makes many people prefer to buy it.

You can buy this colourful crystal necklace piece for your wedding or Or you can take it for those who are very special to you like your daughter or your wife.Check Out These beautiful and very unique affordable Necklaces and Pick One For Yourself.



1. Beautiful green cystal necklace

Colourful nackleces degain 1

This type of colorful necklace is very much in trend these days, this necklace is made in green colored crystal and the gold design in it is made in the shape of a small tree, out of which the design of the tree in the middle is kept a little bigger and the four designs have been made a little smaller.Overall looks very beautiful in this necklace.You guys must buy necklace like this and this antique gold choker necklace is amazing addition to your antique jewellery collection.


2. Peacock design maroon necklace

Colourful nackleces degain 2

This type of necklace is very famous in west Bengal nowadays, Bengali women like to wear it more.Make gold maroon design on color crystal looks very beautiful.A peacock design is made in the middle of this necklace over maroon colored crystals, which is the highlight point of this necklace and the shape of four small the shape of the conch shell is made in it which completes its look.You can wear it in any of your heavy silk sarees.


3. Flower design in black crystal

Colourful nackleces degain 3

This flower design is looking very beautiful on this black colore crystals nacklece.Black is the favorite color of almost all girls and the black colored jewelery gives a classy look to any of your festive look or Western attire, make gold on black colored crystals, is creating a gorgeous look.There are five flower designs in this necklace, The necklace is completed by using six petals in the middle flower followed by four petals in the latter flower and only three petals in the top flower design.This necklace will go very well with any black colour saree, you can comfortably choose this crystal necklace for any of your party look.


4.Butterfly and heart shape choker

Colourful nackleces degain 5

The gold design made over the maroon color crystal looks very beautiful or it is no way less than any wedding necklace.The main attraction of this piece is the butterfly design in the middle of the necklace.The shape of a heart has been made in it. Four small hearts are attached on the top side of the necklace, which are completing its look.You can also give the necklace to a married woman, they will like this necklace very much.

5. Small tree design on crystal

Colourful nackleces degain 6

This is the most demanding piece of our today Necklace collection.this is made in black colour crystals and this is very beautiful and attractive piece of our gold chatai necklace design.This type of colorful necklace is very much in trend these days,the gold design in it is made in the shape of a small tree, out of which the design of the tree in the middle is kept a little bigger and the four designs have been made a little smaller.Overall looks of this lightweight wedding necklace is very classy.

6.kussa degain in green cystal

Colourful nackleces degain 7

Made in green colored crystal, this mat necklace is an antique piece in itself.On top of this green colored Cristal necklace, a small gold Kusa degain has been made and the design of two Ginni has been applied on both sides, this necklace is being completed by the design of both of them. The complete look of the necklace is like a traditional Bengali gold chatai necklace.You can wear this with any of your traditional saree in any festival occasion, party or function.


7. Beautiful red bridal choker

Colourful nackleces degain 8

This necklace is made in a very unique pattern.In the middle of this necklace, the shape of a sankh pattern is made and four small flowers are made both sided.Make in red color crystal it’s creating a very beautiful look.The designs of gold are made on it, this is the main attraction of this gold necklace, due to not much quantity of gold, this necklace is quite can wear it in any of your party functions or any special occasion and all the attention can be focused on you.

8. Multi colour crystal necklace

Colourful nackleces degain 9

This is the design of the necklace, it is a little different from all the necklaces, three different colored crystals have been used on it.The chatai necklace look has nhi been completed by using blue colored crystals at the top and green in the middle and maroon at the bottom.Five small figures have been made on the top of the necklace, its main attraction is the Lotus flower design in the middle.Being multicolored, you will be able to wear this necklace piece by attaching it to many of your sarees and it will create a very beautiful look.

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