Can Tom Brady Lure Rob Gronkowski Out of Retirement for a 2nd Time? Best Answer


Tom Brady

Best comments About Tom Brady. I think Gronk’s done. He had a good run, and he can still flat out ball. I think he’s just done getting slammed. I love the show and Rich is cool but being from Detroit and a blue collar factory worker I can testify to U of M students having an “elitist attitude “. In the 70s we would go to Ann Arbor to watch rock and roll bands playing the bars. These guys were like, how can I say this nicely…it rhymes with moochs.

I understand gronk retirement because I’m sure he is just beat up and wore out but but he probably could put together one more decent year and retire at the same time as Brady that would be legendary as hell for the best quarterback of all time and the best tight end of all time to retire and go to the hall of fame together.

Thanks for entertaining us for a long while. Thanks for another Lombardi I can brag about as a fan. He’s out. Can’t blame him. I’m sure he and Tom already discussed this before he announced it. See all latest news

Gronk will be back for the stretch run and playoffs. Might be best for the Bucs as well to ensure he’s healthy come the most important games of the year. You have got to know they have special classes for athletes at the college level. Football isn’t an extracurricular activity it is a class for which you get credit towards graduation! C’mon man! …And you known this ma-a-an!

Dude was right about ‘when I was at Michigan’, but Rich did not take kindly to it. I think Brady and Gronk did this so they go in two separate years to not steal each others spotlight. Gronk and oh Howard gone, Chris Godwin coming off an injury, man Brady gonna have his work cut out for him this year. Gronk will be back by week 8.

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