Caleb Swanigan Has Passed Away Best Review

Mahfuj Rahman

Caleb Swanigan

Best Review Caleb Swanigan Has Passed Away… RIP Caleb, as a portland fan I loved the energy he brought and finding out about how hard he had to work just to make it through life gives me a whole new level of respect for him. He will not be forgotten. RIP <3

Meet Whitney said that,  I hope he knows people were proud of him and were rooting for him all the way until the end much love Caleb. That’s great RIP to Caleb Swanigan and condolences to his Family loved watching him play at Purdue! He was such a beast and it is a absolute tragic sight to see him lose his life way, way too soon.

Like Flight said, he left way too young — to go from an adverse situation to making the NBA alone is an inspiring story, and one could only imagine how he could have inspired others with that legacy alone. Always tragic when they pass so soon, RIP.  Caleb Swanigan about

I feel so bad for Caleb, he struggled with weight gain his entire life, but lost weight and had a great story by being a first round pick, but the lockdown was really bad for him. Rest easy, Caleb.

My prayers go out to Caleb and his family. I know he is at peace and is now watching over his loved ones. I hope they can rest easy knowing he is with them in spirit. So proud of him.  Most searched about Caleb Swanigan weight loss

Condolences to his family, friends , fans and loved ones. Mighty glad that he made it out of a tough background to a successful stint at the NBA. May he rest in power, God I pray.

Most likely review, Goddamn, he was one of my favorite players. Hardworking, talented, extremely likable, and an incredible journey to the NBA. Rest in Paradise Caleb  I hope Heaven allows you to play all the basketball you could ever dream of. More News

Most people like this great information. It was sad when people laughed at him when he was walking around 400 lbs again. Obviously the depression and using food as a crutch was getting to him and his life was spiraling out of control. A combination of mental health and physical health can easily destroy anybody. This is why some aspects of social media is a cancer, try use it for good and not evil. very good information.

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