29 Button Down Blouse For Women 


29 Button Down Blouse For Women 

Nowadays women use button down blouse to dress themselves up and become more attractive. Women actually look hotter when they wear a button down blouse. And they can easily catch the attention of men. Among the simple blouse designs, button shirt are gaining popularity regularly. Especially when women stay at home, they love to wear these blouses. Especially married women look great when wearing button down blouses in front of her husband. Women in rich countries use them the most.

how to wear a scarf with a button down blouse?

To wear a button down blouse with a scarf, you must first collect an attractive scarf. Preferably it is the same color. And check which type of design is perfect with your neck. Also choose what type of button you like to wear with the blouse. Finally, you stand in front of the mirror and see how you really look.

29 Button Down Blouse For Women

1. Line button down blouse for women

Line down blouse for women

Choose attractive button down blouse for you now to make yourself look more sexy. The highly scrutinized and highly recommended blouses are brought together for you today. Hope you feel very peaceful by wearing these blouse designs. And they will make you more attractive to everyone.

Especially fair women look very attractive if they wear a blouse. Here are the button down blouses. So you check each one carefully and choose for yourself. You can buy these from the online marketplace Etsy. So let’s see the blouses and know the details.

2. Unisex Button Up Shirt

Unisex Button Up Shirt

This unisex button-up shirt is a versatile garment that can be worn by individuals of any gender. It is designed to have a loose, free fit and typically features buttons down the front, a collar, and long sleeves that can be rolled up if desired.

Unisex button-up shirts are known for their adaptability and can be styled in different ways to suit different fashion show.

3. Women shirt blouse

Women shirt blouse

This yellow shirt blouse for women typically refers to a blouse-style top in the color yellow that is specifically designed for women. Yellow is a vibrant and cheerful color that can add a pop of brightness to any outfit. Shirt blouses are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. When choosing a yellow shirt blouse, it’s essential to consider your skin tone and personal style.

4. Red colour office blouse casual top

Red colour office blouse casual top

The blouse can be easily paired with various bottoms to create different outfits. For a professional look, you can wear it with tailored black trousers or a pencil skirt. To create a more casual ensemble, it can be paired with dark-wash jeans or khaki pants. Adding a statement necklace or a slim belt can enhance the outfit further.

5. Green colour women down blouse

Green colour women down blouse

This green button down blouse is a perfect choice for casual outings, work, or any occasion where both style and comfort are desired. It combines the warmth and insulation of a down garment with a fashionable design, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

6. White colour button down blouse

White colour down blouse

These white color blouses are playing a major role in the recent fashion style. They are available at very low prices in the market so everyone loves to collect and wear them. Wearing them can make you look more rich. If you want you can wear this blouse in front of your loved ones. You can easily attract your loved ones.

7. Office blouse casual top

Office blouse casual top

The blouse mentioned in the above photo would be great to wear to the office. Most of its buyers say that they look great when they wear it to work in the office and are complimented by everyone. So I think if you want to collect button down blouses for yourself then definitely do. Hope this makes you more admirable among all.

8. Minimalist women shirt

Minimalist women shirt

This blouse shirt looks great when worn with 14 carat gold necklace. So most women wear high quality and large size necklaces with this blouse to make themselves more stylish. Very high quality fabrics are used in it. This can be the best blouse of your choice.

9. Floral button down shirt for women

Floral button down shirt for women

It is absolutely perfect for married women. It has tiny floral designs very perfectly. Which are made with modern machines. So they are not wasted in any way. Will be full lasting for many days. So you can collect one and wear it for days. This affordable down blouse will look great if you wear it anywhere. Everyone who wears them appreciates it.

10. Women classic blouse shirt top long sleeve

Women classic blouse shirt top long sleeve

One of the best things about this blouse is that it uses long sleeves. Those who wear long sleeve blouses to make themselves more attractive. This blouse design will be very nice for those girls. Most of the people who have reviewed this blouse on online marketplaces are young girls. Especially girls aged 20 to 25 wear this shirt the most.

11. Women’s green gry oversize buttoned shirt

Women's green gry oversize buttoned shirt

This women’s green-gray oversized buttoned shirt is a loose-fitting shirt that typically features buttons down the front for closure. It has a relaxed and roomy fit, providing comfort and a casual look. The color description “green-gray” suggests a shade that combines elements of both green and gray, possibly resembling a muted or earthy green tone.

12. Beautiful button down shirt

Beautiful down blouse

These shirts are popular in both men’s and women’s fashion. Men often wear button-down shirts with dress pants, jeans, or chinos for a more casual look, or they can pair them with a suit for a formal or business attire. Women can style button-down shirts in various ways, such as pairing them with skirts, trousers, or jeans, depending on the desired look.

13. Blue down shirt

Blue down blouse

A blue down shirt can come in various styles, such as button-down shirts or pullovers, and it is usually designed to provide both comfort and insulation. Down shirts are often favored for outdoor activities in cold weather, as the down filling helps to trap body heat and keep the wearer warm.

14. Black color down shirt

Black color down blouse

This attractive down shirt in black color can be worn on any festive occasion you want it to suit almost all occasions. This down shirt is made with high quality yarn. It will be great on women’s body.

15. Blue floral button down shirt

Blue floral button down blouse

The white fabric has a beautiful floral design in blue color. They look really awesome. This button down blouse will look great if you use the Kuban link chain as you wear it on your body. It has become very popular in trending fashion style. You can get it at very low cost.

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16. Cotton loose blouse women shirt

Cotton loose blouse women shirt

A cotton loose blouse is a comfortable and stylish option for women’s shirts. It offers a free fit and is usually made from breathable cotton fabric, making it suitable for various occasions.

17. Women’s solid button down top

Women's solid button down top

The blouses that are in the white fabric are really amazing. Women look very attractive wearing it hence the shirt in the above photo. You can get them at very low cost. Made of high quality fabric, very durable.

18. Vintage 1970s Landscape button down blouse

Vintage 1970s Landscape button down blouse

a vintage 1970s landscape button-down blouse would be a unique and nostalgic piece with a nature-inspired print and a relaxed, free-spirited vibe.

19. New blouse women turn down collar

New blouse women turn down collar

The beauty of this button down blouse can grab the attention of hundreds of women in no time. Girls will not stop wearing this buttondown blouse even if they want to. Especially brunette women will wear this blouse. It is designed with different colors. Which looks very unique.

20. Classic linen short sleeve blouse for sexy look

Classic linen short sleeve blouse for sexy look

This classic linen short sleeve blouse typically features a button-down front or a simple pullover style. It can come in various colors, such as white, pastels, or bold hues, depending on personal style preferences. The neckline may vary, ranging from a traditional collar to a round or V-neckline.

21. Women’s elegant turtleneck blouse long sleeve

Women's elegant turtleneck blouse long sleeve

The color options for an elegant turtleneck blouse are vast, ranging from classic neutrals like black, white, and navy, to rich jewel tones or softer pastels. The color choice can be influenced by personal preference, skin tone, and the intended occasion.

22. Button Down blouse for sexy girls

Down blouse for sexy girls

Blouses with sheer or lace details can add a hint of sensuality without being overly revealing. Look for blouses with delicate lace panels, sheer sleeves, or lace trims that can add a touch of femininity and sexiness to the garment.

23. Tie collar button down blouse

Tie collar button down blouse

Start with a button-down blouse that has a collar. Make sure the blouse is unbuttoned and the collar is standing up. Fold the collar down, so it lays flat against the blouse. This step is important to create a clean and even tie.

24. Bird print blouse for women

Bird print blouse for women

These blouses are popular for their whimsical and nature-inspired aesthetic. They can be a versatile addition to a wardrobe, suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions. Bird print blouses can be paired with jeans or skirts for a relaxed and casual look, or they can be dressed up with trousers or a blazer for a more sophisticated ensemble.

25. New chic printing ladies shirt

New chic printing ladies shirt

When it comes to printing ladies’ shirts, New Chic offers a variety of styles and designs to choose from. They have a collection of printed shirts that feature various patterns, such as floral prints, animal prints, geometric designs, abstract art, and more. The prints are typically vibrant and eye-catching, catering to different tastes and preferences.

26. Women’s floral patterned short sleeve blouse

Women's floral patterned short sleeve blouse

Floral patterns are popular for women’s blouses as they add a touch of femininity and a vibrant aesthetic. These patterns typically consist of various types of flowers, leaves, and other botanical elements printed or embroidered onto the fabric. The color palette can vary from bold and bright hues to soft and pastel tones, offering a wide range of options to suit different personal styles.

27. Designer top-button down

Designer top-button down

Designer top-button downs often showcase unique design features, high-quality materials, and fine craftsmanship. They are known for their attention to detail, such as intricate stitching, distinctive patterns or prints, and innovative cuts or silhouettes. These shirts are typically made with premium fabrics, ensuring both comfort and durability.

28. Colorful ethnic stripe printed vintage style long sleeved

Colorful ethnic stripe printed vintage style long sleeved

A colorful ethnic stripe printed vintage-style long-sleeved garment typically refers to a clothing item that incorporates various vibrant and traditional patterns inspired by different cultures or ethnicities. The term “vintage-style” indicates that the design is reminiscent of past eras, often drawing inspiration from fashion trends popular in the mid-20th century.

29. Silk long sleeves button down shirt

Silk long sleeves button down blouse

The button-down style refers to the front closure of the blouse, where buttons are used to fasten the garment. This allows for easy wearing and removal, as well as adjustable fit. The buttons can be made of different materials, such as plastic, metal, or fabric-covered buttons, depending on the design and style of the blouse.

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