BREAKING News!! Brooks Koepka signs to LIV Golf! ($150,000,000?) its right


brooks koepka

BREAKING!! Brooks Koepka signs to LIV Golf! ($150,000,000?) its right . I watched the first LIV event and enjoyed it. There is room for both IMO. I do not blame people for playing for more money and less time. Think of it this way, If Bryson wrist is not fully healed and will get better as he goes, wouldnt it make more sense to make an insane amount of more money, be required to play less so it heals better? Personally I dont know if I could leave the PGA but obviously I will never be there, or get offered. 

If you are not in the running for the top30 FedEx Tour Champion, Liv is looking attractive and building a stronger field event by event.PGA should work with Liv and release players for these “exhibition” matches and give Korn Ferry rookies a go whilst the big dogs are away for 1week per month. PGA opposing Liv isn’t good for PGA.  About brooks koepka

Could LIV not be a good thing for the european tour, feeding into the DP tour. If the banned ex-PGA players need world ranking points they will play more European events.

Haven’t watched much ‘pro’ golf since YouTube. Enjoy watching Shiels, Finch, Fryer, Carter, and others a lot more. Very entertaining vids, keep em coming.

I think the PGA is kind of screwing themselves by banning the players. That forced the outside world to naturally feel a comparison and competition between LIV and the PGA. Since LIV is only doing 10 or so tournaments a year the players, if they wanted, could still play in the tour. I think LIV isn’t necessarily trying to be the PGA but rather be the biggest. I still think the most competitive tournaments should be played on the tour but why idk why the tour would ban their players and make them exclusively LIV. This only hurt’s themselves. LIV isn’t trying to be the most competitive.

PGA Tour Mission Statement: By showcasing golf’s greatest players, we engage, inspire and positively impact our fans, partners and communities worldwide. If the PGA Tour is about “showcasing golf’s greatest players”, then they will have to up the ante and compete. They’re acting like they have a monopoly on golf, which they will soon realize they don’t. More news

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