15 Best Bengali Mehedi Design for Girls

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Bengali mehedi design

Bengali mehedi design are loved by every women. These designs are made in different patterns and shape. It can be full hand, half hand, back of hand or front of hand as per your preference. Here some simple, gorgeous, traditional and bridal mehndi designs are discussed. Now mehndi designs are applied in different countries but Bengali designs are always appreciated or important. Applying henna in any ceremony or wedding is a practice since long time, in the present age women are not lagging behind.

Simple Mehndi Design:

Today I will discuss some designs according to your choice. Here are the 15 best bengali mehedi design for Girls. So let’s start with us.

1. Circular Shape Bengali Mehndi Art

Bengali mehedi design

These circle shaped mehndi designs are very popular in Bengali culture. This bengali mehedi design can be done very easily. Those who are new to mehndi art can easily do it. The designs on the back of the hands look very beautiful, you can also do them on the front if you want. Inside the circle there is a beautiful floral design. After each design the design is done around the point.



2. Peacock Style Mehndi Design

Bengali mehedi design

Peacock design is one of the Bengali mehndi designs. Almost everyone likes this design. The design looks wonderful and is full of amazing craftsmanship. This peacock design has fringe and flower petal design. You can art this design with a perfect mehndi artist.

3. Beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Design

Bengali mehedi design

Some Pakistani mehndi designs are very much used by Bengalis, so now these Bengali mehndi designs are published. It is very beautiful and very beautifully embroidered, its leaf designs are done in a different kind of art. You can do it at home if you want.


4. Simple Bengali Mehndi Art

Bengali mehedi design

This is a beautiful simple mehndi design. It is beautifully designed with mango leaves on the palm and circled like sun. Fingers are usually filled with patterned mango leaves. Those who are new to mehndi art can do it very easily.

5. Traditional Alta Mehndi Art

Bengali mehedi design

Traditional mehndi art is one of the  bengali mehedi design. It is beautifully embossed on the palm, fingers and has a mehndi design around it. Those who love this design can try it for any occasion.

6. Bengali Mehndi Design with Circular Pattern

Bengali mehedi design

This circular mehndi design is very popular. It looks simple but very interesting. Keep these mehndi designs for some time after the hand art will give beautiful dark color. You can try this bengali mehedi design on any occasion or party, it will go well with the bracelet.

7. Gorgeous Bengali Mehndi Design

Bengali mehedi design

All girls love to apply mehndi in a gorgeous way. This bengali mehedi design is very suitable for wedding ceremony. In Bengali culture, mehndi has long been practiced in a lavish way. These designs have become essential with wedding sarees and jewellery Those who are looking for new designs for wedding can try this

8. Net Pattern Mehndi Design

Bengali mehedi design

There are many people who like net pattern mehndi designs very much. This bengali mehedi design is very soft designed for them. The mehndi design is done on all parts of the fingers and the middle of the hand is designed like a net.

9. Floral Mehedi Design

Bengali mehedi design

There is no one who does not love floral mehndi designs . This floral design is very viral now. It is very easy to create. It is designed with flower shaped leaves like a circle.

10. Bracelet Mehndi Art

Bengali mehedi design

This is a very beautiful bracelet design. Those looking for a different type of bengali mehedi design can try it. It is made with very unique and wonderful design. It is also beautifully designed on the back of the fingers and hands. You can try it for wedding or any occasion.

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11. Flowers and Leaf Mehndi Design

Bengali mehedi design

Flower art in mehndi designs is really beautiful. Especially young girls love to put floral designs. This bengali mehedi design is made with small flowers. It is very simple and easy to create art. There are many who like to apply henna regularly, they can easily do this art. You can use beautiful color nail polish with it.

12. Dots and  circle Mehndi Art

Bengali mehedi design

Dot and circle mehndi art is always sought by girls to apply. This design is made up of dots and circles. A beautiful floral design is made inside the circle. The hands of this design look very beautiful. You can try it at any party. It goes well with any outfit.

13 . Bridal Mehndi Design

Bengali mehedi design

Bengali mehndi designs are one of the bridal mehndi designs. This design is one of the most gorgeous designs. It has twisted flower, and net design. You can get this mehndi design done by any artist. It is perfect for any party. You can use it as a hand ornament.

14. Botanical  Mehndi Art

Bengali mehedi design

Botanical mehndi designs look amazing. The craftsmanship is truly eye catching. If you like medium gorgeous mehndi designs then you can try this. You can wear gown or lehenga with it. This is the best of all the designs on the list. You can make a beautiful hairstyle with it. It will go well with rings.

15. Non-Traditional Bengali Mehndi Art

Bengali mehedi design

These mehndi designs are created in a very unique way. It is very pretty and half applied by hand .The designs below are designed like peacock feathers, which is the most attractive aspect of this mehndi design. It has a slightly more patchy design that looks very recent. You can wear bangles with it, it will be made of glass or gold.

Bengali mehedi design are now trending in different countries. In these designs, illusion and softness are created. Mehndi designs are a keepsake on a wedding occasion or a special party. Every woman has a different preference but almost everyone has the same preference for Bengali mehndi designs. Here you can easily master and use all the designs and those which are not easy for you can be done by a mehndi expert. Hope you will like this article. Stay with us. Thank you.

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