Affordable Red Colour Mangalsutra Designs 2023

Minti Sah

Design 7

Today we have some beautiful collection of such crystal mangalsutra, which is very much in the trend these days.This mangalsutra is most popular in the state of West Bengal, India.Red  and maroon colored crystals have been used on most of this mangalsutra, due to which its look very beautiful.

You can also take this mangalsutra as such a day to day life, many people use it nowadays.This crystal necklace creates a morden look and due to its light weight, its price is very pocket friendly which makes many people prefer to buy it.

You can buy this colourful crystal mangalsutra piece for your wedding or Or you can take it for those who are very special to you like your daughter or your wife.Check Out These beautiful and very unique affordable lightweighted mangalsutra and Pick One For Yourself.


1. Three layer mangalsutra

Mangalsutra has significant importance in Hindu culture and traditions. It is an ornament (more specifically a neck pendant) worn by women to signify marital status. Mangalsutra are unique neckpiece that has is valuable importance In Indian culture. This three layer mangalsutra with the gradient design at the center with red crystal on this piece. Each thread has a neckpiece. This is a beautiful piece that looks really beautiful on any married women.

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2. Three leyar mangalsutra

In India, Hindu married women wear it as an auspicious thread of goodwill and love. Therefore, the groom tying the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck during the wedding rituals is considered a sacred Hindu custom. This 3 layer mangalsutra has such a beautiful combination of maroon crystal and golden leaves. This necklace will match every traditional outfit and every married women. The fine detailings on this mangalsutra is soo evident and looks soo real.


3. Beautiful maroon mangalsutra

From the mandatory and traditional ornament that the Mangalsutra used to be, it has now become more of a proud fashion statement. Women now prefer wearing exclusive designs with different metals, platinum and alloys. mostly made of gold. This beautiful mangalsutra looks soo stunning with its unique design. It is a simple authentic mangalsutra which is worn by almost all the married women. This is a very simple yet elegant design. The red crystal on its thread make it look even more beautiful.


4. Blue colour mangalsutra

The blue beads of this mangalsutra are blessed with divine powers to protect you and your husband. This is quite unique this blue colour beads is very uncommon colour in mangalsutra this three Petal design are so beautiful and lightweight that you can carry this mangalsutra easily to any of your party or occasion without any hesitation.This elegant gold mangalsutra will change your simple look to a stylish look and you can wear it anywhere and everywhere.


5. Maroon colour mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is the most important. The word ‘mangal’ means sacred and ‘sutra’ means thread with some crystals– therefore, Mangalsutra implies ‘a sacred thread’. The art and designs of every mangalsutra varies and is unique. This mangalsutra has its own pattern and designs. The tri circular design is something unique that varies from others. This circular pattern ultimately form a petal like structure which looks soo pretty and elegant. With the maroon deep colour with the golden neckpiece looks very beautiful.


6. Mangalsutra in fish pattern

This type of crystal pendant are very much in demand nowadays.We have created this maroon crystal gold mangalsutra which is the biggest asset of married women. For you, we designed this with a fish shaped pendent with cutwork to highlight the fish detailing and touch of red minakari in fish eye to enhance the beauty of this mangalsutra. The design is simple yet gorgeous. Wear it on any occasion with your any of your Indian outfit and you will shine.


7. Red colour mangalsutra

In appearance, a Mangalsutra might just look like a piece of jewelry, however, it’s much more than that. Worn as a symbol of marital status, it is a promise made by the husband to the wife of staying together forever. Mangalsutra comes in many variations and designs. This beautiful mangalsutra with reddish crystal and golden design neckpiece looks soo beautiful and authentic. The designs resembles with teen mukhi leave.Teen Mukhi leave is an effective sacred leave. The wearer of 3 faced Rudraksha gets benefits and blessing from Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

8. Mangalsutra with petal design

Leaf motifs are seen in this attractive beaded necklace. Because of the design with leaves, they have become a little different beautiful. You can wear it anytime anywhere if you want. You can get it at very low price. Women in the market have always collected a large number of wearables. You can take it to gift someone. You really like the necklace designs of today’s collection. If you want to collect them, go to the big jewelry store in your city and collect them.

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