36-yr-old Finnish PM Sanna Marin faces calls to step down

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Sanna Marin

36-yr-old Finnish PM Sanna Marin faces calls to step down. The only thing wrong here is that some “close friend” decided to convert a private moment into a public event, which is appalling, and yes, she should know better.

the Finnish pm has her own life to live kudos to hear even world leaders need  opportunities to cool off. As long as her public work performance is not affected and she’s not doing anything illegal, what she does in her personal time is no one’s business. She’s 36yo, everyone has a right to enjoy life as long as its within legal boundaries.

What she does in her personal life shouldn’t be of concern to anyone. She is also a human and have full rights to enjoy her free time the way she wants.  How is this affecting her qualifications as a PM? Is fun something you have to give up when you take over a political position, or do you have to hide in your house to be „serious“? This world is crazy. 

It is embarrassing for prdinary people when their private moments with close friends go viral. Now imagine how would a prime minister feel if her or his private video goes viral.  The moment she gives talk on serious issues, this video pops up on peoples mind. She won’t be taken seriously.

let the Finnish decide what is good to itself,if they say its ok for their PM to dance then its fine,no big deal,if Finnish people wants her to step down of the PM post and just let her continue partying like theres no tomorrow out of office then so be it,its their own problem,let them decide for themselves.the world dont need to step in to their business.

What are her policies? Is she leading Finland effectively? That’s what we should judge. Her policy is intersectional feminism, dodging responsibility and partying… oh joy.

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Its her right to party. But people also have right to lose trust about her real life. The common ppl don’t like to see their leaders party like a rock star when they are dealing with an economical struggle.  Maria Antoinette anyone?

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