30 Lovely 4 Grams Gold Jhumka Designs for Women!


30 Lovely 4 Grams Gold Jhumka Designs for Women!

We use gold jewelry designs to make our fashion style more attractive. Among these Jewelry designs, gold jhumka have gained immense popularity in recent times. Indian girls use gold jhumka designs to wear all the time or to go to a festival or to wear on their own wedding. Nowadays jhumka designs are also made of silver. It is also made of gold. 4 grams gold jhumka designs are most preferred by Indian girls. Because it is very suitable when worn in any condition.

Lovely 4 grams gold jhumka for Women:

Many gold jhumkas are brought here as per the choice of experts. Which are made in only 4 grams of gold. All design are very trendy and popular.

1. Stylish complete floral jhumka

3 grams gold jhumka with price

The entire jhumka design is done with floral designs. It is more eye-catching than the usual jhumka designs. So you can add this jhumka design to your jewelery collection. It is made of only 4 grams of gold. It will go very well with the stunning puff sleeve blouse design.

2. Wonderful Prithibee jhumka

Jhumka Design with Price

This beautiful gold jhumka called “Prithibee” is now very popular in different cities of India. You can keep it for yourself. If you want you can match it with saree in your wedding. It will reveal your amazing beauty to everyone better. Our native workers have gained popularity by making it out of just 4 grams of gold.

3. Eye Catching jhumka in 3 part

4 grams jhumka

These eye-catching gold jhumkas are most commonly used in South Indian women’s weddings. Besides, the beauty of this jhumka design has fascinated the girls of all over India. After being shared on social media, this jhumka design has become very popular. Experts say, it will be very appropriate for married girls to wear it in any festival.

4. Modern jhumka in gold

Beautiful gold jhumka

Modern girls always look for modern gold jhumkas to make their fashion more attractive. This jhumka is made in modern design in only 4 grams of gold. Girls can wear this jhumka while going to various parties. When you wear a simple blouse design on your body, these earrings will be very attractive with it.

5. Fancy style jhumka for modern wife

3 grams gold jhumka

The design of this jhumka is very well made. This perfect design is able to grab anyone’s attention at any time. If you wear it anywhere, everyone will ask you where you made it from. Because its beauty can grab everyone’s attention in a moment. Fair looking girls can collect it to wear in their wedding.

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6. long size jhumka in 4 grams

long size jhumka in 4 grams

Attractive small flower design is done on the top of the three parts. This stunning gold 4 gram jhumka design can make the beauty of modern brides more famous. It is very surprising that it is made of only 4 grams of gold. This Jhumka is so light in weight due to the extremely precise working. Hopefully it will be best for girls from middle class families.

7. Short jhumka for small ears

short jhumka for small ears

These 4 gram gold jhumkas can look great on young girls’ ears. You can get it at a very low price. It can be a great jewelry gift for young girls. You can collect it for your young daughter. It is also seen that many elderly women wear it.

8. 3 layers gold jhumka

3 layers gold jhumka

You can definitely use this jhumka design to make yourself look more rich. Because it is big in size it will look very expensive. It uses three layers. Wearing this jhumka design with bridal saree will look very cool. Married girls from rich families of Kolkata city always wear this jhumka.

9. Small floral gold jhumka in 3 grams

Small floral gold jhumka in 3 grams

This jhumka design is made with small flower designs. Girls like flowers the most. So our native artisans design small flowers in jhumka designs. Which are as attractive as they are eye-catching. Must use this jhumka design to make yourself more glamorous. As a small jhumka, it has gained great popularity in the market.

10. 4 grams gold jhumka

4 grams gold jhumka

If South Indian girls intend to collect jhumka designs in 4 gram gold, then it will definitely be more awesome for them. Nowadays most of the South Indian actress are wearing it very much. It has become very popular among South Indian girls. Traditional gold jhumka designs can be realized in it. So if you love traditional gold jhumkas, then this one will be perfect for you.

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11. Small gold jhumka

small gold jhumka

It has become quite trendy among small size jhumkas. Nowadays it is seen that most of the girls love to wear small size 4 gram jhumka designs. Indian girls go to various jewelery stores to find 3-4 gram gold jhumka designs. These jhumka designs for them are very attractive and awesome.

12- 22. Trendy Gold jhumka designs

6 Best Stylish Bridal Gold Jhumka design 2022

There are many of you who want to see more wonderful and attractive jhumka designs. There are several jhumka designs for them at this stage. You can wear these jhumka designs for weddings and also for any occasion. Each Jhumka is created in a brand new design.

23-30. Unique jhumka designs

bridal gold earrings design

Attractive Jhumkas easily grab your attention. I hope if you are wandering around to choose jhumka designs, then surely you have found your favorite jhumka designs in today’s article. All the Jhumkas presented here are very beautiful and unique. Each jhumka goes very well with the saree of choice for Indian girls.

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