Latest 24 Embroidery Blouse Designs for Women


Nowadays, most of the girls in India are very fond of wearing embroidery blouse designs. They find embroidery blouse at different places. Embroidered blouses go well with silk sarees and pattu sarees. So women who wear sarees, use embroidery blouse designs the most. Blouses with embroidery work are very shiny. These blouses are becoming more professional in our new fashion style. Various designs are created through embroidery work. So if you are looking for embroidery blouse designs, then you have come to the right place. Here I have brought you several blouse designs with embroidery work. Hope these will be very useful for you. So let’s see the blouses and know the details. 

How can I recognize the embroidery blouse design?

Generally you must know about the thread to recognize the embroidery blouse design. Fine thread is generally used for embroidery work. And the embroidery work is often done by hand as well. It is also done by machine. So you must see if the blouse is made with a glamorous design to recognize the embroidered blouse.

Latest Embroidery Blouse Designs for Women:

Here are some trendy and popular embroidered blouse designs as per the opinion of expert’s. Check out the designs and details below.

1. Blue colour blouse with embroidery work

Blue colour blouse with embroidery work

Blue color clothes are preferred by most of the women. And they often wear blue colored sarees. So I think this blue color embroidered blouse design will be very perfect with blue color saree. So you can collect this blouse design without any worries. It is very trendy and popular nowadays.

You can easily be admired by everyone by wearing it. It has small floral designs in it. Which look very cute. As you can see, many of your neighbors will love this blouse.

2. Simple embroidery designs

Simple embroidery designs

Middle age women can wear it as a simple embroidered blouse. Especially if married wife collect these embroidery blouses to wear at home all the time, it will be most attractive. Because it is made in very simple design. Any woman will look very attractive wearing it. Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it. You can get it at a very affordable price. It is also very easy to keep clean.

3. Daily ware blouse with embroidery

Daily ware blouse with embroidery

There are many of you who are looking for interesting embroidery blouse designs for daily wear. It can be very interesting for them. Because we always find simple designed blouse designs for everyday use. And aim for it to be very easy to wear and easy to keep clean. So this blouse design will be very attractive and perfect in every way. You can also collect it to wear all the time without any problem.

4. Blouse back design with hand embroidery work

Blouse back design with embroidery work

You might be impressed by the blouse design mentioned in the above photo. Also if you want to see the embroidery work on the back side of the blouse, then this will surely be perfect for you. Because the back side of this blouse has very attractive embroidery work.

Small floral designs and ball designs are made in it. It is usually worn by young married girls always. It is also seen worn by middle-aged girls. You can get it made from the market at a very low price.

5. Eye catching embroidery blouse designs

Eye catching embroidery blouse

We have come up with a blouse design made in traditional designs with more eye catching and embroidery work. It can catch anyone’s eye. Hand mehndi design and wearing this type of embroidered blouse will be very flattering.

Besides, it has been seen that in many traditional wedding ceremonies, this type of embroidered work blouse design is worn by brides. So you can dress yourself up in traditional dress by wearing it if you want. Purple color cloth is used in it.

6. Ever green embroidery blouse

Ever green embroidery blouse

This embroidery work blouse made of green color fabric will be very glamorous for fair women. Fair ladies wearing this blouse design will get a lot of compliments when they visit their relatives house. These blouses are very durable and are very easy to use and will make an attractive gift for any husband to wife. The sleeves of this blouse have a different design with embroidery work. In fact it is very sweet.

7. Red Blouse with embroidery designs

Blouse with embroidery designs

This blouse is made of red color fabric. This blouse has one type of design in the sleeves and a different design on the top of the back side of the blouse and a different design on the bottom of it. These different designs have made this blouse very popular.

Besides, this dark red color blouse is able to grab the attention of women very easily. Especially these blouses are very useful to make women look hotter. So if you want to make yourself hotter and perfect, then definitely use it.

8. Green fabric embroidery blouse

Green fabric embroidery blouse

This red color blouse has embroidery work done with green color thread. Nowadays most of these blouses are collected by married girls especially those girls who have spent about a year in their husband’s house after marriage are wearing it the most.

Very high quality fabric is used in this blouse so it is very important that you can wear it for 1-2 years without any problem. It will be great if you collect it and wear it in front of your husband.

9. Green colour blouse with embroidery designs

Green colour blouse with embroidery designs

The same embroidery design is used all over the blouse in this. Especially these types of embroidered blouses are mostly used by common women. Because it is made in very simple design. You can collect this green color blouse to make yourself more beautiful among everyone. It is being sold in large quantities in the market. Women have always collected these blouses to wear.

10. Latest embroidery designs for blouse

Latest embroidery designs for blouse

This dark color green blouse design has a similar design but the whole blouse looks very attractive. The design on the sleeve and the back site looks like small trees standing on the side of a road. Don’t miss out on picking up this embroidered work blouse for yourself. You don’t need to go to special places to collect it. You can get it made by visiting any tailor shop in your city.

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11. Latest embroidery blouse for saree

Latest embroidery blouse for saree

You often get confused about which type of embroidered blouse to wear with saree. Here I will suggest you that you can wear this type of embroidered blouse design with saree. Above mentioned embroidered blouse is worn by most of the girls with sarees. Especially young girls wear this type of blouse when visiting their new relative’s house. Another beauty in this blouse is the use of stones in the sleeves.

12. Simple embroidery blouse

Simple embroidery blouse

Among the latest simple blouse designs, this one has also found a place in the hearts of girls. Women in their 40s are very fond of these blouses. And they collect it to wear at home all the time. Especially girls from rich families have collected this blouse the most. You can wear this blouse with different color sarees. The fabric used in it is also of very high quality. So there is no worry of tearing or spoiling.

13. Small floral blouse embroidery work

Small floral blouse embroidery work

Only small flowers are designed through embroidery work. Because there are many women who want to wear floral embroidery blouse designs only. It will be so perfect for them. And if you’re wondering if it’s too cool for you, I’ll answer, it’s just you. No, but big celebrities also wear it. So you don’t regret it at all. Of course it will help you look even sweeter.

14. Blouse embroidery designs

Blouse embroidery designs

We bring you yet another awesome and wonderful blouse with embroidery work. I hope these blouses of today’s collection will be perfect for you. And you will get your favorite embroidery work blouse right here. You can wear these blouses with any saree. This blouse is very attractive especially for silk sarees.

15. Blouse with light embroidery designs

Blouse embroidery

You can currently get these types of embroidered blouses from online marketplaces as well. You can get these embroidered blouses from trusted online platforms such as Indian Flipkart, Myntra, and more.

The work that has gone into this blouse is done by hand. So this perfectly made blouse will be very durable. And you can use it for as long as you want. The complete blouse design is made with a different color fabric.

16. Blouse embroidery designs for pattu sarees

Blouse embroidery designs for pattu sarees

If you are looking for very attractive blouse designs for pattu sarees, then definitely get it. This is a very eye-catching embroidered blouse design. Especially young girls also wear it for various family celebrations. It is mostly collected by newly married women in Delhi, India. Indian girls can also procure it from online marketplaces if they wish.

17. Floral blouse embroidery work

Floral blouse embroidery work

This blouse with embroidery work is made entirely in red fabric. You can wear it in your wedding if you want. This blouse can be very nice for wedding. Nowadays, those of us who are looking for attractive blouses to wear to weddings can wear these embroidery blouses. Actually embroidered blouses are very attractive and look very nice when worn.

18. Blouse embroidery work

Blouse embroidery work

The design of this attractive blouse is very well made. It is made more attractive by using small stones in it. There will be no problem even if you wear it all the time. Because they are made very precisely. So this embroidery work cannot be wasted. You can get it from the market at a very affordable price.

19. Gold colour sleeve with embroidery

Gold colour sleeve with embroidery

It has gold color thread embroidery work in the sleeves. So it can be worn by girls from middle class families on their wedding if they want. Also many girls from rich families are seen wearing it. In fact, its beauty is so high that anyone can wear it very easily.

If you want you can collect this blouse design for yourself. It has a beautiful ribbon design used on the back side. Indian married girls love to wear lace blouse designs. It will be very interesting for them.

20. Puff sleeve embroidery

Blouse sleeve embroidery

If you want to see embroidery work in the puff sleeve, then it will definitely be perfect for you. If you want, you can collect this blouse for gifting to someone at any time. There are many husbands who look for attractive clothes to gift their wives. This blouse can be great for them. Your wife will be very happy if you give it as a gift. And will love you more.

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21. Embroidery blouse back design

Embroidery blouse back design

This embroidery work goes very well with the purple color fabric. It can be great if you collect yourself to wear on festive occasions. Nowadays it has gained more popularity in the market. Large quantities were collected by women from the market. You can definitely use this blouse design to make yourself more stylish these days.

22. Machine embroidery blouse design

machine embroidery blouse design

The machine embroidered blouses that are available these days are really awesome. They are very durable and can be worn for a long time. If you intend to collect trendy embroidered blouses, then definitely buy this one. It is very affordable and very easy to wear.

23. Machine embroidery blouse

Machine embroidery blouse

If you are looking for machine embroidery blouse, then surely this is perfect for you. You collect and use it without any worries. Hope you will be very appreciative of using it. It is made entirely of blue cloth. And it has small floral design which looks very nice.

24. Small stars in the sky embroidery blouse design

Blouse embroidery designs

The blouse looks just as attractive and beautiful when the moon rises in the night sky. Hope you wear it to any festive, event and get a lot of compliments. Every blouse in today’s collection is really amazing and you can be very flattered by wearing them. Must use these blouses to match yourself with the latest fashion style.


Hope you like each and every embroidery blouse design in today’s collection. We try to show you the best quality and useful blouses. So I hope you can collect them with your eyes closed and make yourself more admired and attractive. Thank you so much for being with us this long.

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