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bridal gold jhumka design

Women’s Bridal Gold Jhumka Design Add to the Sparkle of Your Special Day The best thing on a bride on her wedding day is her big, bright smile And she needs the perfect jewellery that compliments her smile and reflects her happiness with their shine. From plain gold or white gold earrings to earrings studded with precious gemstones in a variety of colours, you will find the right pair of earrings to match your lehenga, sari, or gown.

We’ll make sure you’re the epitome of glamour and panache on your wedding day with the help of our exquisite earrings.Wedding earrings are an essential part of your jewellery and elements that complete your bridal ensemble. Gold wedding earrings, both yellow and white, are always in demand as they complement most bridal attires, complexions, hairstyles, and also personalities.

If you want to make your earrings the focal point of your look, take a look at the elaborate jhumkas, the gorgeous chand balis, and the impeccable imperial nest designs in our collection.

Our collection of traditional and contemporary designs is priced appropriately to suit every budget and every pocket. So, go ahead and get yourself a pair of stunning earrings that will make you look like the most beautiful bride in the world.


1. Bridal gold jhumka design

bridal gold jhumka design

This is another elegant and royal looking style of jhumkas for the brides who wish to garner all the attention and compliments from people around on her wedding day.

This single layer jhumka is very famous in any country but people of India like to wear this design more.You can also gift this to your daughter or your daughter-in-law or any ladies who are very special to you.It will fit well in your budget too.

2. Most Expensive bridal gold design of jhumka earrings

bridal gold jhumka design 2022

These stylish and unique bridal gold jhumka design are pieces that are given the design of a lamp. These fashionable gold jhumka are inspired by the traditional door-top design. The net oval lamp shap work is just splendid and the drop chain work below creates an illusion of the curtain.

So don’t wait anymore and grab these unique gold jhumka and be the trendsetter..Wear this beautiful jhumka on your special day and attract everyone’s attention.

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3. Chand Bali bridal gold jhumka design

bridal gold jhumka designs

A bride can expect to be transformed into an ethereal looking bride when she’ll wear chandbali style jhumka that have little embellishments over them with tiny ghungroo hanging at the bottom.

the length of this type of jhumka helps in elongating the neck to make it look slender.This jhumki earrings are perfect for the modern girls who don’t like the classic gold design jhumka earrings.

4. More beautiful chand bali gold jhumka design

best bridal gold jhumka design

Today’s earring is very famous and traditional earring,It is very much liked in the Middle East states of India, it remains in trend due to its heavy and attractive look. The duo of chandbali design and jhumka style is a classic combination for any bride.

You’re guaranteed to look like a royalty,so be trendy with this golden handcrafted chandbali earring on your special day that magnifies your look.This earring will look great with any traditional saree or lehenga.

5. Heavy gold bridal jhumka

big jhumkas for wedding

This is the heaviest and designer pic of our collection which is made in a flower and hanging change coming from top to bottom pattern. It will give a very heavy and gorgeous look.This is very trendy and demanding piece of Indian market.

You can take it comfortably for your wedding or your anniversary, this is one piece that will attract the attention of many women just like you after wearing it.

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6. Long gold jhumka design

big bridal gold jhumka design

This bridal gold jhumka design are so versatile that they look breathtaking for any type of occasion and can be easily paired with ethnic, western or Indo-western styles. This are some timeless pairs of jhumkas that will enhance the beauty of each type of a bride and that’s what you’ll find here today. So find your new favorites and inspirations to wear jhumkas on your own wedding day.

7. Latest bridal gold jhumki earrings design

new bridal gold jhumka design

This is a bridal jhumka from our today’s collection which is very beautiful and made in double layer it will look very beautiful and attractive to anyone.Jhumkis are one of the classic types of earrings which have been in existence from centuries.

Jhumka earrings are in conical, circular or in church bell shape. Every jhumka has a different and unique designs.We can say that Indian women’s jewellery collection is not complete without jhumkis.You can make your special day even more special by wearing this.

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8. Latest wedding gold jhumka designs

bridal jhumka design

This piece of bridal jhumka is art of grace. It looks perfect on any your special day. the sperical design clearly distinguish this piece of earring from others piece. This is lightweight and can be easily worn at any function and will give you the look of a elegant women.

It has a circular design at the bottom of the earrings, which is giving a different look to its design.This elegant piece of jewelry can look expensive but it’s in budget.

9. Most popular gold jhumka design

big jhumka design for wedding

This is designs of the collection which is very famous in North Indian. This jewellery is famous between every age group of women due its weight and middle in size.The jhumkas with laatkan gives the earring a beautiful and elegant design which can be easily distinguished from others.

The small flower on the earring stud gives it a totally different look the big fringe at the bottom is the main attraction of this earring. This earring has been designed in such a way that it will look very beautiful on anyone.

10. Heavy weight gold jhumka design

long bridal gold jhumka design

It is very common design for Indian market.This piece of ours is a modern design made in 22 karat gold due to its look it can also be called an eye-catching design. An attempt has been made to make it in the shape of a Double layer jhumka hanging from top to bottom below Jhaler and hanging ball have been used to give a traditional look.You can easily go for this bridal jhumka on your special day.

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11. New Stylish jhumka designs

stylish bridal gold jhumka designs

This is heavy and traditional jhumka it is very famous in the south states of India,A mix of traditional and mordern together look breathtaking. These can also be hoop styled with a jhumka design at the bottom.A modern saree with these gold earrings will give a trendy look to you.

12. New model gold jhumka designs for wedding

tanishq gold jhumka designs with price

This Jhumkis are one of the classic types of earrings which have been in existence from centuries.this jhumka earrings are in conical, circular or in church bell shape.

There is a big flower design on the top of the earring and there is a jhalala hanging at the bottom, this is a very attractive piece in itself and it will be an eye-catching piece.

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