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20 gram gold necklace designs

Today we have brought you some such unique gold necklace design which are lightweight as well as designers piece. A unique gold necklace makes a woman look royal and majestic! It enhances her looks and complements the glamorous attire she wears. Also, gold necklaces for women look even better when coupled with a matching pair of gold earrings.

Necklace is a beautiful unique jewellery for you and your loved ones. Wear this stunning necklace or gift someone you love on a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc.

A perfect choice of contemporary or traditional designed gold necklace set grabs attention from everyone. A person may sometimes gain attention perhaps because gold is an attractive color and the most visible, despite being subtle at times.
Owning a few pieces of gold jewellery is a common thing for every Indian household.

1. Unique gold necklace design in 2022

gold necklace designs unique

This naklesh is very beautiful and attractive, it has thick mat work and it is creating a new look with the big pendant, it has small ghungroo at the bottom which are making this pics more attractive. This unique gold necklace weighs 35 grams. As per the current market, this necklace is priced at Rs 166,950

The heavy shapes give the gold necklace a modern touch. Expertly crafted by our worker in gold, this gold necklace will become an integral part of your modern jewellery collection. Pair it with an embellished georgette saree or lehenga and become a head-turner at every party.

2. Unique gold necklace designs with price

gold necklace designs unique

Women love jewelry as it not only enhances their beauty, but also gives them the social confidence.  This royal 9 layered necklace with heart drops signifies the craft with shine touch, that glorified the simplicity.This piece of jewelry will enhance your beauty and compliment your dress. It is a pure 24 carat gold jewellery. This gold necklace weighs 32 grams. As per the current market, this necklace is priced at Rs 152,640.

This traditional jewellery set can b worn on indian dresses and sarees.The jewellery is made of alloy and perfectly gold necklace design for the right finish. You can also choose this design for your wedding.Complement your perfect life with this antique gold necklace.

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3. Beautiful gold necklace designs

gold necklace designs

How does a necklace make you feel? A necklace can make someone feel many different things. It is, after all, a piece of jewelry that is draped around the neck. So, it’s safe to assume that jewelry in general can make someone feel joy or sadness. This is especially true for people who have been given a necklace as a gift and want to know what the person who gave it to them would want them to say about it..

This choker design neckpiece next in our collection give a royal yet modern look. The compact flower design in the necklace along with small latkan on the ends have such a beautiful and gorgeous effect. This gold necklace weighs 25 grams. As per the current market, this necklace is priced at Rs 119,250

4. Gold necklace designs with price

latest gold necklace designs unique

Indian bridal jewellery grabs everyone’s attention with the visual appeal of its intricate designs. However; the actual beauty of the jewelry pieces lies much deeper and is considered a blend of spiritual and cultural essences for the most auspicious and beautiful occasion of a woman’s life.A bride of any country remains incomplete without the exquisite touch of some jewelry pieces which gives her entire get up a majestic look.

This beautiful piece in our collection that has so many detailing on it makes it a perfect bridal jewellery. The flower design makes it look so gorgeous and elegant at the same time. This gold necklace weighs 21 grams. As per the current market, this necklace is priced at Rs 100,170

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5. Latest unique gold necklace designs

Indian gold necklace designs unique

Indian culture is incomplete without Gold Jewellery. Gold Jewellery is used in all of the festivals, function and rituals in Indian culture.The possession of gold gives a feeling of happiness and satisfaction to many consumers. Belk argues about the role of Materialism in goods consumption. Gold is also a premium commodity and its consumption can be seen as a result of need for possession for building Self identity.

This next design in collection is perfect for small events where you want something traditional yet not that heavy . This is lightweight and can compliment any Indian attire with perfection. This unique gold necklace design weighs 17 grams. As per the current market, this necklace is priced at Rs 81,090

6. Wedding gold necklace designs

gold necklace designs unique for women

The necklace is an item that one can never have too many of. It can be worn with many outfits, and it is a great accessory to have to get you through the day. Whether it be a simple gold chain, a gold lariat with an understated pendant, or an intricate necklace with a variety of jewels, a necklace is a must-have in any woman’s closet.

This neckpiece in our collection next has a hint of Bengali tradition with a sophisticated modern design on it. The diamond shape created by a flower followed by a small design give it a graceful look. This gold necklace weighs 18 grams. As per the current market, this unique gold necklace design is priced at Rs 85,860

7. Latest gold necklace designs with price

new gold necklace designs unique

Unique gold necklace design are a lot more fashionable and come in so many different shapes, forms and colors. There is a necklace to match every mood you’re feeling. It seems like there’s always something new being created, whether it’s new materials or new designs that make the necklace even more appealing. It’s no wonder why people want to wear them all the time now!

The next unique gold necklace design in our collection. The semi circle with an illusion of a flower give a modern look with a hint of traditional culture on it. The latkan design on it elongates the necklace to perfection. This gold necklace weighs 14 grams. As per the current market, this necklace is priced at Rs 66,780

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8. Most popular gold necklace designs in India

beautiful gold necklace designs unique

Designed with flowers and leaves, the nacklace is a set that can be worn by any girl, whether married or unmarried, it will look very beautiful on any dress code.A very beautiful design of leaves is made on the top side and a big flower is attached at the bottom which is making its look more attractive. This gold necklace weighs 21 grams. As per the current market, this necklace is priced at Rs 100,170

Feel proud to adorn this beautiful neckpiece.This beautiful gold necklace has a fine cut work of leaf and flower design all over with rezi balls and filigree cut which completes the look. Wear it with a gorgeous kanjivaram to enhance your appearance to the next level.

9. Necklace designs in gold 30 grams

20 gram gold necklace designs

What does a unique gold necklace design make you think? Maybe you are thinking about the necklace your mom wore when you were a little girl. Maybe you think back on how her wearing it made you feel so loved and protected. Maybe your thoughts turn to how this necklace was a symbol of your love for your mother or father, who gifted it to her after they had passed away. Maybe you think of something else altogether; maybe you just feel nostalgic….

This simple unique gold necklace design being back the vibe of old yet fashionable design of the just the past decade. This simple design is lightweight yet comfortable to wear on any Indian attire. This gold necklace weighs 23 grams. As per the current market, this necklace is priced at Rs 109,710

10. Unique gold necklace designs in 30 grams

30 grams unique gold necklace designs

Women desire a marvellous piece of jewelry which gives them a dignified and Indo-western beauty that magnifies their look.A very beautiful nacklace has been prepared for you by our artisans( karigar). This gold necklace weighs 20 grams. As per the current market, this necklace is priced at Rs 95,400

A flower leaf or kalki motif an inspiration from mother nature or craftsmanship did up in a modern way with a flexible art that magnifies the essence of filigree, chila kata work, chillai art, matte and polish effect. Adorn this gold necklace with your traditional wear on your special days, family function, or wedding days.


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